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Proper installing of an AC is critical for any home owner to help them get optimum cooling comfort within a controlled indoor environment. However, problems of complex nature can arise during the installation process. Hence, you will need the services of a reliable, experienced and professional installer to ensure that you reap the best benefits of the cooling system. Hire experts from Alternative Heating & Air for undertaking fair and safe Air Conditioning Installation Paradise CA. It has been in the HVAC industry for over 20 years and has been known to provide impeccable services to suit the cooling needs of its customers in Chico, CA and Surrounding Areas.

Alternative Heating & Air is a full service company, offering installation, maintenance, replacement and repairs for both cooling and heating systems. Technicians are experienced and have specialized knowledge in handling all kinds of problems with AC’s. Whether you need a contractor to installed and outdated and old model of AC or to put in place the most recent AC system at home, our contractors come with good expertise in installing AC units of any brand or any model.

Contractor would help install the right size of AC

Size is a big factor when choosing the AC. Customers first need to determine the dimension of the room where they are planning to install the cooling system. Oversized AC’s or small capacity bearer cooling units can not only deliver poor performance but also run into trouble prematurely. Hence, should you need a contractor to decide on the right size of AC for your home, rely on experts from Alternative Heating & Air. Proper installation of the right sized AC would also enhance the longevity of the cooling unit, reduce energy costs and improve the air quality to provide fresh, cooler air to customers at optimal levels.

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Get the Best Air Conditioning Installation Magalia in CA

In California, air conditioning during the summer is not just a simple luxury but a dire necessity. Modern A/C units are now more powerful, quieter, and more energy-efficient compared to earlier models. They offer greater value as they help in bringing down your monthly energy bills.

The first vital step in getting and installing a new air conditioner is to determine what size your home needs and the suitable size. That is why you need to engage the services of a professional AC installation Company.

For more than 20 years, Alternative Heating & Air has been providing customers in Magalia, California with Air Conditioning services of unmatched quality.

We get the Correct AC Location

When it comes to installing your air conditioning, there are a number of critical factors that our experienced and highly knowledgeable technicians at Air Conditioning Installation Magalia CA take into careful consideration.

First, we look at the size of your home for compatibility reasons and the lifestyle habits of your homestead. For example, are members of the family the kind who leave in the morning to come back in the evening or do you need a heavy duty AC that will serve many rooms?

We Install Correctly

We want to ensure that what we install meets the expectations and requirements of your home in every way. That is why we ensure that your AC system is properly and safely installed. To achieve the best results, we involve you in the process so that after the installation, you will know how to optimize on your new system. Our professionals will thoroughly brief you on all the operating protocols.

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Get the Best Air Conditioning Installation Durham CA Professionals

Estimates from the U.S. Department of Energy suggest that cooling and heating accounts for almost 50% of the energy use in an average household. Our experienced Alternative Heating & Air professionals can recommend you the most suitable and energy-efficient Air Conditioning models and then getting it installed for you in a professional manner.

Your household relies on an efficient air conditioner for keeping your family comfortable and healthy. If the current AC unit is not functioning well or tends to break down often, the best alternative is having a new one installed without delay.

Why Us

Our technicians bring with them over 20 years of industry experience, working with a broad variety of heating & air conditioning systems and units. Remember, the majority of Air Conditioning Installation Durham CA problems are typically the result of improper installation, and that is why when you contact us, we shall ensure your system is installed correctly the first time.

The Alternative Heating & Air contractors are insured, licensed, and have undergone a comprehensive background-screening process before they join our company because we value your security and property.

At Alternative Heating & Air, if you need assistance with the purchase of your air conditioning system, we also offer you special financing options.

Regular After Installation Maintenance

Regular AC maintenance ensures your system works at top efficiency and also extends its lifespan. After we install it, we shall set up a regular maintenance check for cleaning, checking on the refrigerant, and ensuring the unit remains safe.

Get in Touch Today

At Alternative Heating & Air, we endeavor towards building a long lasting relationship with you through quality installation work, regular system maintenance, and affordable pricing.

tel:(530) 894-8082Call our experts today and we shall move fast to assess your needs, and install the best air conditioning system for your ultimate comfort and health.

Tips on Professional Air conditioning Installation in Chico CA

There’s no harm in occasionally strapping on your tool belt and tackling one or two do-it-yourself projects. However, some jobs are best left to the pros. And one such project is air conditioning installation. With so many contractors out there, it’s no surprise that when it comes to air conditioning installation Chico CA residents rarely know where to start the search. It’s crucial to identify a service provider you can trust, as there are plenty of reasons why.

Save Time and Money

Calling in a professional HVAC installation company can save you time and money. Professionals spend plenty of time working on different installation projects, so you can count on their experience for your AC installation. What may take you several trips to the home improvement store and days of work and research may take a HVAC installer just a couple of hours.

Alternative Heating & Air has some of the most experienced installation technicians. Our installation team will work with you to ensure the process is a walk in the park. Having worked with a variety of air conditioners and heater units for more than 20 years, we can guarantee your satisfaction in the quality of our services.


Buying an air conditioner is a huge investment. We, at Alternative Heating & Air, also understand that system replacements can come at the most inconvenient times, so we offer various financing options to meet your needs. You can trust our experts to provide a hassle free installation at an affordable price.

We pay precise attention to detail and take every step to ensure your AC is well installed and functioning at optimum levels. For more information about our HVAC services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team. Call us today for service you can trust at affordable pricing.

Air Conditioning Installation Chico CA – An Essential Service

The summer in California can get pretty hot, and it will be difficult for you to manage without an air-conditioner. When you decide to purchase one for yourselves, you will need to search for air conditioning installation Chico CA if you are a resident of this area. You will definitely be able to find a number of companies offering services like these, but you will do well to consider approaching the professionals in the business. You should contact alternativeheatingandair.com1 for your requirements because we are the best service providers in this region.

While you will have no difficulties in finding a number of companies in the region, we can confidently state that few can match the quality, knowledge and the competitiveness of our company. We can offer high-quality work at affordable prices with the sole objective of satisfying your goals. We are proud to claim that every technician within our fold has over two decades of experience within this industry along with the knowledge of working with a wide variety of air-conditioners.

We can offer you honest and professional service which you can trust and believe that it is certainly an alternative to the many lowly placed service providers within this area. Our confidence in our abilities makes us believe that we will be the last call you will make for getting the conditioner installed in your place. You can contact us regardless of whether you want to have a brand-new system installed or to have an existing system repaired or tuned up. Any replacements needed will be offered to you at an affordable price with the guarantee that we will never bother you with unnecessary calls for parts of services that are not required.

We can also give you a number of options to save money and energy, and we are confident that you will find the options extremely essential for you. We are willing to work with you to become your preferred choice for the installation of your air-conditioning and heating needs, are you?

Professional Air Conditioning Installation Durham CA Residents Can Count On

At Alternative Heating & Air, our goal is to provide honest, professional air conditioning installation. When looking for air conditioning installation Durham CA residents should take a variety of factors into consideration, including the experience and reputation of the installation contractor they choose.

Even the most energy efficient AC unit can perform poorly if not installed properly. Unfortunately, not all AC contractors have the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure an AC unit is positioned and installed correctly. Our experienced technicians will not only make certain your new unit is properly positioned but will also properly install all necessary ductwork to ensure proper airflow. Along with handling residential AC installation service, we can also capably handle the installation of commercial AC units and systems.

We are dedicated to making the installation process as simple as possible. Our company only sells what you need and absolutely nothing more. You can count on us to deliver honest, professional service. The installation of a new AC unit is a major investment for any homeowner or business owner. This is why we are also happy to provide special financing options, as needed.

Not sure which AC unit is most appropriate for your needs? Our experienced staff can assist you with finding the most affordable, energy-efficient unit to ensure you stay cool. We are able to service and install all models from major air conditioning manufacturers. Once you have decided on an AC system, our installation team will install it quickly and professionally. No job is too big or too small for our experienced team. Our professionalism and quality service are the main reasons why so many people count on us for AC installation in Durham, CA.

When you need professional AC installation service, call our professional team. We will have your new unit installed and running in no time.