AC Installation in Chico, Durham, Paradise, CA and Surrounding Areas

AC Installation in Chico CA

The new AC Installation in Chico, CA, is a complicated process. Attention to detail is crucial. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about it at all, as we are here to help you out with your AC troubles.

What will we do when you hire us for an AC installation

Here is how our technicians do the job.

  • Planning and scheduling the replacement of the old AC or installing a new one comes first. Our team talks with customers to understand their budget and requirements before installing a new AC.
  • Most AC needs replacement after 10-15 years. Therefore, if repair is costly, then buying a new AC, our techs suggest you do that.
  • Our team collects A/C requirement information and gives cost estimates for AC installation.
  • Depending on the AC installation job, our techs carry specialized equipment when they reach your doorstep at your preferred time.
  • Our techs can replace the old unit before installing a new one. After that, they prepare the area for installing the new AC.
  • Lastly, our techs take care of everything related to AC installation, including installing new wiring, cables, indoor or outdoor units, etc.

Why should we be top on your HVAC company list?

  • Budget-friendly & has excellent financing options

We have no hidden charges and offer affordable AC repair Chico CA, and packages for customers. Besides, our HVAC financing plan can help customers with a minimum budget go easy in their pocket.

  • Efficient, passionate, and suitably trained

We select our techs after strict training and background check to guarantee your safety and service satisfaction.

  • Well-equipped and well-experienced

The confidence of our team comes from 20 years of experience in the HVAC services field. Plus, we only use top-notch tools and the best brand products to deliver a high-quality job.

  • Trust-worthy with a remarkable reputation

To provide a memorable customer experience, we always work hard to do an HVAC job on time. Whether it’s residential or commercial AC installation, we stay ahead of deadlines, which makes us reliable.

Get some extra benefits after our AC installation services

Fortunately, with our dependable maintenance plan, you can get various benefits, other than service discounts. Yes! So if you are satisfied with our AC installation services, don’t hesitate to check out our maintenance plan.

Our maintenance plan has perks like;

  • AC functionality improvement, fewer energy bills, long life of your new AC, etc
  • With a maintenance plan, you can also reduce the risk of future repair & get a discount on the repair.
  • Our maintenance plan gives you priority customer status & inflation protection.

Our extensive range of HVAC services to help you out during all seasons

Just as we are perfect for an AC Installation in Chico, CA, we are best in other HVAC services as well. You can connect with us if you require;

  • Commercial or residential AC services, including AC repair, maintenance, replacements
  • Heating systems installation, repair, tune-up, etc.
  • Indoor air quality improvement and ductwork

Call us anytime for more info on our HVAC services.

Schedule Appointment Today for New AC Installation in Chico

Let’s get started on your AC Installation project. Call Alternative Heating & Air one of the best AC Contractors in Chico CA or fill out our online form and one of our specialists will get back to you right away. We appreciate the opportunity to earn a 5-star review! We also offer Air Conditioning repair Chico CA.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What does AC maintenance include?

It is rational to call experts timely for maintenance and Chico air conditioning repair to ensure that your air conditioning device runs efficiently for an extended time. During routine air conditioner maintenance, professional technicians perform the following steps:

  • Inspect the settings of the thermostat device.
  • Clean and change the air conditioning unit’s air filters.
  • Lubricate or oil all the moving parts.
  • Examine and clean the condensate lines.
  • Check and clean the outside unit and ducts.

2.What happens if we use AC without service?

When you overlook an air conditioning service for an extended time, your device becomes more susceptible to frequent breakdowns. Also, not calling professionals for routine upkeep will induce numerous mechanical wear and tear and lack of efficient cooling that will demand costly AC repair Chico, CA, or untimely device replacement. 

3.What is the best AC temperature to sleep at?

The most suitable air conditioner temperature for sleeping is around 18.3°C (65°F). Nevertheless, this may vary between people, who might like their air conditioning temperature set between 15.6 and 19.4°C (60 and 67°F).

4.How often should I replace the filter?

It is one of the most common questions that many homeowners struggle with when planning air conditioning maintenance. So to answer this question, homeowners must replace the AC air filters every three months. However, if there are pets or smokers at your place, it is better to call experts for air conditioning repair in Chico, CA, every one month to replace the air filters. 

5.How do I choose a good HVAC service company?

If you are searching for reputable heating and cooling services for your air conditioning repairs, maintenance, or installation, you must consider the following tips: 

  • Seek referrals from your friends or family.
  • Take quotes from multiple HVAC companies.
  • Check online reviews and testimonials.
  • Check for promotional deals and discounts.
  • Choose a licensed heating and cooling company.