UV Lights in Chico, Durham, Paradise

UV Lights in Chico, Durham, Paradise

Our team at Alternative Heating & Air makes sure that every home we service has the best indoor air quality. Indoor air quality can affect your family’s health. This is why we use every tool that we can, such as UV lights, to achieve our goals. Many of our customers have noticed a positive difference.

We recommend UV lights because not using them could be detrimental. Ultra violet lights have been known to kill bacteria, mold, and even dust mites. This means the amount of harmful positively-charged particles in your home will be drastically reduced.

Your family will not have to worry about allergies, asthma attacks (should someone suffer from this ailment), or migraines, just to name a few things. Keep in mind that hospitals use these types of lights to keep flus or colds under control as well. This means that these types of issues will be better controlled when you have our specialists install these types of lights. If that was not enough, these lights might also help reduce odors since these smells stem from bacteria.

The lights can be installed in two ways depending on what you desire. The first is meant to focus on the coil sterilization, meaning the lights will be installed near the coil while still inside the return air duct. The second is installed inside the return air duct and cycles on whenever your AC blows air, meaning all the air is sterilized. The light bulbs are meant to last about one year, which is around the time that one of our specialists should be scheduled for an annual check-up of your home’s air conditioning system.

It is easy to see why you should consider our ultra violet lights for your AC system. So do not delay, and give Alternative Heating & Air a call.

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