Duct Work Services in Chico, Durham, Paradise, CA and Surrounding Areas

manuOne of the most important elements of your heating and air conditioning unit is ductwork. Regardless of the condition of your actual HVAC unit, without proper ductwork to transport the air supply, a system will never function at its best. Alternative Heating & Air provides excellent service In Chico Air Conditioning repair and Duct Work Services in Chico, Durham, Paradise, CA, and Surrounding Areas.

The duct system of your heating and cooling unit carries the air to the various rooms and areas of your home or office building. For maximum enjoyment and economical usage of your HVAC, your ductwork should be routinely cleaned, checked for leaks, and blockage. The inspection should be done on a yearly basis for optimum efficiency.


It is always good to make certain the inside of the ducts are clean and free from dust, mold, or other potential contaminants that might affect the quality of the air in your home. Typical cleaning will remove cobwebs, calcium deposits, rodent hair and droppings, paperclips, or any children’s toys that may have gotten into the system.

Sealed System Check

Ductwork systems leak at the duct seams turns in the ducting, as well as punctures and breakages that occasionally occur. Leaks can cause uneven cooling or heating, higher utility bills, and wasted energy. Leaking ductwork is one of the leading reasons for increased energy use.

Duct blockage

Ducting can become blocked over time or areas where the duct makes a turn in the attic can become crimped and have reduced airflow. When this occurs, uneven heating and cooling take place, which leads to discomfort, higher utility bills, and eventual damage to the HVAC.

A scheduled inspection of your unit’s ductwork can save money, repairs, and often result in simple adjustments and repairs which will keep your system from overworking and eventual breakdown. It is wise to check a ductwork system before there is a problem in order to prevent large repair bills later.

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