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Furnace Installation in Chico, CABefore selecting a heater installation company to help you set up your new heater, you have to choose the right unit for your space. There are plenty of models out there but whichever model you choose, there are several factors to consider. Choosing the right unit paves the way for a proper installation. Alternative Heating & Air provides excellent heating installation in Chico, Durham, Paradise, CA, and Surrounding Areas.


Most homeowners assume that a large heater is the most appropriate choice for every circumstance. The main idea is to obtain operational efficiency and it is only by choosing the right size that you can save on initial as well as ongoing costs of owning a heater. When choosing a unit you can seek the help of a professional furnace repair company as they can provide valuable advice regarding the size.


It’s easy to overlook safety when buying a heater, but you need your unit to have a few safety features. Look for a heater with an overheating sensor. A switch that shuts your unit off in case it tips over is a welcome plus for taller models, especially if you have kids or pets in the room. Be sure to check that the heater you are about to purchase meets recognizable construction and performance safety standards.

Heating Installation Chico CA


Additional features can add much more value to your user experience. For instance, a thermostat helps to maintain set temperatures, saving you the hassle of having to turn the heater on and off as the room temperature varies.

Energy ratings

In the current tough economic times, it would be wise to go for a unit with high energy ratings. By choosing a more energy-efficient unit, you can not only reduce consumption but also lower your monthly utility bills. Make use of energy star rating labels to compare different heater makes and models. You should also compare the costs of different types of heaters before settling for one.

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