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Before selecting a heater installation company to help you set up your new heater, you must choose a suitable unit for your space. There are plenty of models out there, but there are several factors to consider, whichever model you choose. Choosing a suitable unit paves the way for a proper installation. Alternative Heating & Air provides excellent heating installation in Chico, Durham, Paradise, CA, and Surrounding Areas.


Most homeowners assume that a large heater is the most appropriate choice for every circumstance. The main idea is to obtain operational efficiency, and it is only by choosing the right size that you can save on the initial and ongoing costs of owning a heater. When choosing a unit, you can seek the help of a professional furnace repair company as Furnace Installation Chico CA, they can provide valuable advice regarding the size.

Heating Installation Chico CA


It’s easy to overlook safety when buying a heater, but you need your unit to have a few safety features. First, look for a heater with an overheating sensor. A switch that shuts your unit off in case it tips over is a welcome plus for taller models, especially if you have kids or pets in the room. Finally, ensure that the furnace repair in Chico CA, you are about to purchase meets recognizable construction and performance safety standards.


Additional features can add much more value to your user experience. For instance, a thermostat helps maintain set temperatures, saving you the hassle of turning the heater on and off as the room temperature varies.

Furnace Installation Chico CA

Energy ratings

It would be wise to go for a unit with high energy ratings in the current challenging economic times. By choosing a more energy-efficient unit, you can reduce consumption and lower your monthly utility bills. Use energy star rating labels to compare different heater makes and models. It would be best to compare the costs of different types of heaters before settling for one.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How often must one replace a heating system?

A1: The decision to replace a heating system is subject to many factors, such as age, efficiency, repair costs and frequent breakdowns. The period to replace your heating system is when it ages more than 15 years. 

An old heating system gives certain signs that it’s time to replace the unit. The surge in energy bills and frequent HVAC repairs can cost a loss. And, it is better to replace the heating system in such cases. 

Another reason to replace the unit can be uneven heat distribution. The basic function of a heating system is to generate heat. And, if it fails to do so, it is time to reach out for heating installation in Chico, CA, to replace the unit. 

Q2. How long does it take to fix heating?

A2: The time frame for the repair is based on the problem your HVAC system is facing. A technician will take on average 5-6 hours to deal with major issues with the system.

It also depends on the skills of the technicians. And it is therefore advised to reach out only to professional Heating Installation in Chico, CA. 

Q3. What are some common heating repair problems?

A3: Heating systems, like any other machine, come across problems. Some common heating problems are short cycling, blowers not running, and the heater not turning on. 

The thermostat malfunction is also one of the common heating problems. When thermostats are low on batteries, they can’t maintain the desired temperature inside the residence. 

The pilot and ignitions are other heating repair problems. When dirt gets accumulated on the pilot, flame sensor or burners, it can lead to pilot outages. It can also lead to gas supply problems. 

Lack of regular maintenance leads to most of the heating repair problems. For example, the dirty condenser and evaporator coils. The lack of proper cleaning reduces the efficiency of the condenser and can greatly strain the system. 

Q4. How often do I need service for my HVAC system?

A4: To keep the heating system in good working condition, experts suggest tune-ups every six months. Regular maintenance will enhance the unit’s lifespan and help you save money on hefty energy bills. 

The unit’s regular diagnosis will help improve the air quality inside the house. And, it will ensure home comfort as it will distribute the warm or cool air with respect to the weather outside. 

Q5. How often does a furnace need to be replaced?

A5: Furnaces are assets that can run without trouble for approximately 15-20 years. However, a lack of regular maintenance can reduce the unit’s lifespan. But, it will need replacement after the stipulated period. 

Replacing a furnace can put a strain on the utility bill. Therefore, choosing the right furnace system is necessary. It is better to seek guidance from a technician for heating installation in Chico, CA, to choose a quality furnace. 

Try looking for a warranty, brand and cost while choosing the right furnace.