Residential HVAC Service in Chico, Durham, Paradise, CA and Surrounding

The genuine excitement of being finally able to afford heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) should last long beyond the day you first had your system installed. The hot summer months should breeze through unnoticed and the long cold nights in winter must be savored, but never endured. Seeing that all systems consist of various intricate complexities, all these aspects require adequate attention for optimum efficiency and functionality. The key to getting value for your money is to avoid the few common mistakes that several contractors are almost keen on making. The ideal residential HVAC company will certainly steer clear of these errors by being aware of their existence.manu

  • Ductwork and airflow are almost dependent on the other. When the ductwork is getting installed it is imperative that it suits the size and dimensions of your residence. Octopus shaped ductwork should be a red flag for impending leaks and airflow problems. Ductwork should be large enough to allow the free flow of air.
  • Irregular or faulty combustion can very easily lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. So when at first you smell carbon monoxide the first instinct is to call the contractor, right? He comes by, yanks out some spanners and tweaks here and there, changes the batteries and assures you that everything will be fine. Well, if he didn’t whip out some fancy gadgetry and start testing the air for depressurization and flue gases, then be wary of harmful gases that could still be floating around and likely to cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

Finally, be sure to ask the residential HVAC company contractors for extra insulation and air sealing when your system is installed and, much later, when you are having it serviced. This way the distribution of air will occur with little or no loss of energy.

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