The All-Inclusive Guide To Your Air Conditioning Installation Durham, CA.

The All-Inclusive Guide To Your Air Conditioning Installation Durham, CA.

Alternative Heating & Air

The first step to air conditioning installation Durham, CA is, of course, finding an HVAC technician. This can be tricky though, how do you choose the “right” one? The one who will help with every step along the way?

Installing an AC unit correctly can be troublesome. You need to trust that the company you choose is able to complete the installation effectively and in a timely manner. Plus, you will need to ensure that you have chosen the right air conditioner unit that best suits your home.

The team here at Alternative Heating & Air have decades of combined training and expertise. This, of course, will be fundamental to you being satisfied with your brand new cooling unit.

We will be able to assist with almost every single important decision that comes your way. This includes choosing the right unit for you, financing, and maintenance plans to keep your unit running efficiently.

Here are the three things you must do before you arrange to have an air conditioning installation Durham, CA performed in your home.

Find A Trained Professional

A qualified HVAC technician is going to need abundant training and expertise to navigate the electrical wiring, work with the refrigerant and combustion systems. Our staff has completed the rigorous NATE certification program, which gives them the expertise to get the job done.

Make Sure You’ve Chosen The Right Unit

The technology that makes these air conditioners run has improved quite dramatically over the years. There are many homes, however, where the new bells and whistles would be just a waste.

One of the steps we often take with our clients is to inspect their home and help them decide what features their new AC unit will need to best suit their situation.

This is a crucial step in the process. Mainly because getting an overpowered unit will just be a waste of valuable spending money, both in the short and long run.

Thanks to the various enhancements technology offer, often time a smaller unit will be able to cool your home just as efficiently as the older-generation, larger units.

Get An Accurate Estimate

Getting an estimate is not a vital step in the process. However, we believe it allows our customers breathing room as they know what to expect when that bill knocks on the doormat. After all, we are all about customer satisfaction. We want to make this a pleasurable experience for you!

Now that you know what to look for, we are sure you already have the perfect team to take care of your air conditioning installation Durham, CA needs – us! All you have to do is reach out to our Contact Us page or pop us a call at 530-894-8082.

How To Save Energy Bills Just By Common Sense

How To Save Energy Bills Just By Common Sense

Alternative Heating & Air

We all love summer but we sure don’t want to get too hot. During hot days, we usually crank up the thermostat to keep us cool and comfortable but we don’t like paying big bucks for air conditioning. Bills can add up a lot in summer.

A Depressing Fact

A whopping 48% of our home energy costs account to heating and cooling. That is not too good for your hard earned money. Even though energy bills tend to fluctuate, this being true during seasonal temperature changes, it doesn’t mean that it should be that way. An air conditioning installation Magalia, CA can help you save by helping you out with planning and fitting.

We love to cool down our homes as quickly as possible. This practice is not a good idea as this can drastically skyrocket electricity bills.

You can always upgrade your system to make summertime cooling more efficient. There are also cost-effective changes to help you save that are easy and fast.

Drive Your Energy Cost Down From the Outside

A great way of keeping your costs down takes place outside the home. Now is the perfect time to start practising.

Stopping the sun from shining inside your home is easy. Leafy trees planted around your home can definitely help. Trees can give shade to your overheated house.

Trees can certainly block the heat and rays from the sun during summer. They keep you cool when in your yard and keep your energy cost down.

Shrubs also provide continuous shade all year round. Your AC unit will not work as hard if it is cool outside your home, thus driving your energy bills down. An air conditioning installation Magalia, CA can help you strategically plan your AC system to adjust to your home environment.

Service Your Unit

Unless you physically track for how long you have your AC on and compare it to how much all other electronics in your house are using, you are in the dark. Your cooling system just eats too much energy. Older system and units that are not properly maintained can be a cause.

An air conditioning installation Magalia, CA can help you save money by helping you with keeping your unit in its prime condition. Basic maintenance is needed but a good hosing out is most essential. Especially during the summer when it can get dusty, debris can get to the filter and clog the airflow. When this happens, your unit has to work harder.

You also have to make sure that the ducts that run through the house are properly insulated. This is important so the air will keep on coming as cool as it can. You do not want to pay for a half cool house. Spend your money well!

Alternative Heating and Air can get your system up and run well in no time for the summer. Call us at 530 894 8082 and we are ready to help anytime.

Four Scenarios That Will Make You Happy You Picked Us For Your AC Installation

Four Scenarios That Will Make You Happy You Picked Us For Your AC Installation

Alternative Heating and Air

Pick the true alternative to summertime blues with Alternative Heating and Air when you’re getting an air conditioning installation and need to know it will last and work effectively.

It’s easy to find yourself tired, zapped of energy, and drained when the heat of summer creeps up on you. Don’t let that happen by keeping your home cool. When it’s time for an air conditioning installation in Durham, CA you’ve got to call Alternative Heating and Air.

We have the experience (over 20 years), the honesty, and the commitment to good service standards that will make you confident in your trust. Here are four scenarios that will make you glad you picked our professional services.

1. The neighbours stop by for an impromptu barbeque and glass of wine. When your spouse grabs the mail and casually invites the neighbours over as your dinner guests, you’ll be glad to know your AC runs smoothly without fail. No one wants the embarrassment of an overheated house or a loud, clunky air conditioner making it hard to hear one another’s voices over the fans. Instead, treating your neighbours can be fun and relaxing. Put a little music on over a wireless Bluetooth speaker and have a glass of wine at the kitchen counter while the grill warms up. Throw on some burgers or salmon and make a side of grilled veggies and rice.

2.It’s family time. Nothing should come between cuddling close to your loved ones on the couch for movie night or playing board games at the dining table after dinner. Everyone, including the kids, will feel comfortable and at ease when the AC is running softly in the background to keep everyone cool.

Alternative Heating and Air

3.Your teenage daughter is having a sleepover. You want the kids to feel good about having guests in the home and be able to play a role in supervision and time together as much as you can before they go off into adulthood. Your daughter and her friends will have a good night’s gossip and fun breakfast with the family when your air conditioning is running at it’s best. With extra people in the house, the temperature will creep up slightly, but a new AC will be able to handle the change in demand without difficulty.

4.It’s Independence Day! When the 4th of July comes around, you’ll want to be able to cook goodies in the kitchen, using the oven and stovetop without having to sweat in the heat. You and your spouse will appreciate the reliable cooling power of a newer AC to keep the heat and humidity of cooking from making you feel melted or dehydrated just when you need the energy to meet up with friends and family to watch the fireworks.

Call us today at 530-894-8082 for a free estimate for air conditioning installation in Durham, CA courtesy of Alternative Heating and Air. We are the top choice in the area and you’ll see why when you give us that call.

Take a Summer Birthday Party To The Next Level

Take a Summer Birthday Party To The Next Level

Whether it’s your son’s birthday or your spouse’s, make a memorable and fun birthday event for friends and family with these fun tips from Alternative Heating and Air. Our team offers competitively priced and quality air conditioning installation in Magalia, CA. These fun ideas can really bring together a group to celebrate in fun ways.

  1. Plan it around a game. You can plan the birthday around watching a sport on TV or playing a favourite game in teams together. Involve the birthday guy or girl in deciding what games they love most. Pick something that works well with the number of guests, for example, don’t pick a two to four player game when you have 10 guests. Even on teams it may lag on too long and cause guests to lose interest.
  2. The “Create-Your-Own” Trend is fun and easy. For guests older than six, a buffet-style line up of items for a customizable party food is a really fun way to go. Some ideas are sub sandwiches, mini-pizzas on the grill, paninis, and sundaes. Cookie decorating is a good route for younger children. Use a plastic tablecloth and have kids sit with some adult supervision to decorate sugar cookies. The grilled pizzas are a delicious route for adults as well as kids. Adding arugula and kalamata olives will please a seasoned-palate, while classics like pepperoni and Canadian bacon are ageless favourites. Remember to test your grill for this one first to get settings down, as burned mini pizzas may be memorable, but won’t be very enjoyable for your guests.
  3. Use a two-tone colour theme. Choosing two distinct colours sets the mood for guests to a party! The birthday party should be all about the person turning a year older, so ask them to pick based on a sports team or general preference. Use items like neutral tablecloths as a canvas, and then add bright streamers or ribbon in the colour scheme for decoration.alternative2
  4. Make a crash zone for guests to leave personal items. A coat closet, entry hall bench with hooks, or bed in a guest room for everyone to set down these items will make it easier to get on with the fun.
  5. Plan for a fun dessert finish. After opening cards and gifts, plan to serve cake or set out a sundae bar for guests. Unusual toppings for ice cream like starfruit or pop rocks candy can be fun for kids to try new foods and get some novelty from the crackling candy.
  6. Make sure air conditioning malfunctions are the last thing on your mind. Get air conditioning installation in Magalia, CA to replace a unit that’s been having issues or is more than 10 years old. With a new AC, you can rely on, guests will be comfortable and so will you and the birthday star.

Thinking about air conditioning installation in Magalia, CA? Give Alternative Heating and Air a call to talk about options today at 530-894-8082.

The Benefits Of Modern Air Conditioning Only The Professionals Know

The Benefits Of Modern Air Conditioning Only The Professionals Know

air conditioning installation in Durham CA

Around here nobody should have to live without a good AC system. At Alternative Heating & Air, F we want you to be comfortable at home and getting an air conditioning installation in Durham, CA is easy with our technicians on hand. Aside from the product you pick and the professional fitting service you expect, what can I new AC unit really offer you? Well actually modern central air provides users with a whole host of options and benefits many wholesalers and industry gurus never seem to mention and we’re not quite sure why because they really offer buyers more insight into exactly what you’ll be getting when you buy a new air conditioner.

Up and Running

Most of our customers are concerned about two things when they need a new air conditioner, the price of the unit and installation service and how much it will cost to run. With all modern air products meeting government standards for energy efficiency, installing a new AC system is likely to save the average homeowner 20-40% in fuel costs a year and reduce carbon emissions of up to 1 tonne in the average home when the right type of equipment is installed. To make sure you find the best air conditioner to suit your home, our technician will do an assessment of both your current unit, AC usage and your property.

air conditioning installation in Durham, CA

Improving Air Quality and Circulation

The efficiency of your new AC equipment will be lost if your home doesn’t have proper ventilation or ducts for example, any modifications needed to ensure you’re in charge of how and when you use your air conditioner. Modifications such as full house fans can be easily added into new central air systems and all the highly-efficient Energy Star products we offer give scope for ceiling fans as well as the ability to remove heat loss through to make sure your hard earned cash doesn’t fall through the cracks. Newer AC models are built to output and circulate cool, clean air at lower thermostat levels and with touchscreen panels on the equipment itself and the ability to make adjustments from specific brand mini tablets or your own mobile device, you’ll always be in control. Getting a new air conditioning installation in Durham, CA could give you more than you than you thought, right?

AC That Works With You

At Alternative Heating & Air, we understand that everybody is different and so all the brands we install come in a variety of sizes, colour schemes. This is actually an important part of a proper installation, for example in the California area it makes sense for many of our customers to have indoor units in areas like the laundry room or in the garage rather than have AC units on the roof as the warmer weather can affect the function of the unit and it also protects against damages during storm season.

Only a true professional is going to take the time to analyze all these points and recommend an air conditioning installation in Durham, CA that is truly right for you, call us on (530) 894-8082 to book an assessment.

Picking the Right Sized Air Conditioner for Your Chico Home or Condo

Picking the Right Sized Air Conditioner for Your Chico Home or Condo

 air conditioning installation in Chico CA
With a ton of central air conditioners on the market, it’s important to pick the right size for your home. Read on to find out both how to tell if an air conditioner is big enough to cool your home and also how to keep it running at its best from the experts for air conditioning installation in Chico, CA.

Sizing isn’t Just Looks

Sizing isn’t about the inches of space an ac unit takes up, but rather it’s power output. Air conditioning unit’s power is measured in BTU or British Thermal Units. One BTU represents the amount of energy used to raise one pound of water one degree warmer.

A larger AC isn’t always the best choice, as it will cost more money upfront and also use more energy over time. It will also cycle on and off repeatedly, making it less effective at dehumidifying the air indoors.

On the other hand, getting an undersized unit means it will have to run too often to keep up with the cooling needs of your home. The best plan is to pick the right AC size for your home and our climate and slightly under sizing is better. Use a BTU calculator like this one to get a starting idea before shopping.

Other factors to incorporate into sizing are:

  • Ductwork – make sure leaks are repaired
  • Insulation – insulated walls and attic or basement space will mean you can get by on less BTUs
  • Family Comfort and Lifestyle Needs – knowing if AC will be running all day long for someone working from home or retired, and being realistic about how cool family members like the home in cool months could mean more or less overall need for BTUs.
  • Sun and shade facing rooms – a sun facing room needs about 10% more energy to cool while a shady room will need less.

Use these factors, along with a simple calculation to start, but always ask a qualified air-conditioning contractor for expertise when choosing and designing an AC system.

air conditioning installation in Chico, CA

Getting the Most Cooling from an Air Conditioner

Since an AC unit will work hardest during our hottest Chico months, make sure you do what you can to reduce your energy use to keep utility bills down and help maintain your AC system investment. Here are a few easy tips.

  1. Change filters at least twice a year. If you’re running your AC constantly during a hot month, check it for dirt. Monthly changes are recommended during heavy use times. When filters are clogged, your system has to work harder to pull air inside, causing you higher utility bills and also adding wear and tear.
  2. Use ceiling fans to circulate the cool air from your AC system around the home. With this step, you may even be able to raise the temperature setting on your thermostat a few degrees while remaining comfortable because the air movement will make your home feel cooler.
  3. Improve your insulation. Consider attic insulation or newer spray-in wall insulation to keep the cool air in your home.
  4. Avoid humidity-increasing activities in the middle of the day when your AC will have to work hardest to remove it from the air. These tasks include showering, cooking, and doing laundry.

These sizing and energy savings tips are a great start to picking an AC unit.

Call us today at 530-894-8082 for a free estimate on air conditioning installation in Chico, CA.