Avoid Costly Heating Service Mistakes: Hire Qualified and Experienced HVAC Professionals for the Best Results

Avoid Costly Heating Service Mistakes: Hire Qualified and Experienced HVAC Professionals for the Best Results

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Whether it is an installation, replacement, repair or maintenance service you need for your heating and cooling system, hiring novice heating service Chico, CA providers will cost you more than you should have spent on the system. Having been in this business for a considerable period, we have seen this multiple times. What happens is that you hire an inexpedient HVAC technician to offer a repair, replacement, maintenance or replacement service. Because the technician does not have the required skills and experience, they make a mistake while offering the service. Later on, you will have to hire another service provider to repair the mistake made by the first technician or have the system replaced.

At the end of it, you will have spent more than you would have, if you had hired qualified, skilled and experienced HVAC installation, maintenance, repair and replacement professionals, like the ones we have at Alternative Heating and Air. With inexperienced hands on your heating and cooling system, a lot can go wrong. Here are some of the mistakes you can avoid by hiring qualified and skilled professionals:

Overlooking the Math

Some of the contractors in the HVAC industry today tend to rely on whatever they think worked in the past. This misconception will definitely lead to mistakes because different homes have varying heating and cooling needs. This is particularly the case with HVAC installations, whereby the professional has to determine the right sized unit for each installation project. With a skilled and experienced contractor, all the load calculations will be done accurately, hence end up with the right heating and cooling equipment in your home. At Alternative Heating and Air, we are renowned for our tailor-made solutions. In this regard, we do all the necessary calculations in order to deliver the best possible solutions for each of the heating service Chico, CA projects we are hired to carry out.

heating service Chico, CA

Failure to Address All the HVAC Parts

This often happens during maintenance services by inexperienced HVAC service providers. In most cases, it is the V part of HVAC that is forgotten. Yes, some contractors tend to overlook the ventilation part of your heating and cooling system. For optimal functionality of your HVAC, all parts have to be functioning the way they are supposed to. This is why our annual maintenance service examines each and every part of your heating and cooling system. This allows our HVAC installation, maintenance and repair professionals to uncover any problems in the various parts of your system. In addition to fixing the detected problems, our technicians will carry out the required tune ups to ensure that each of the HVAC parts is at its best performance. This always leads to optimal performance and improved performance of the heating and cooling system.

Do not gamble with your HVAC system; always hire proven, skilled, certified and experienced heating service Chico, CA providers by calling us on (530) 894-8082.

The Indoor Air Quality Expected in Paradise

The Indoor Air Quality Expected in Paradise

Ensuring the best indoor air quality in Paradise, CA is important, whether it’s in your home or business. Comfortable indoor air quality in your business is as important as comfortable seating for your clients. Without it, your employees and your clients will be wishing they were somewhere else more comfortable and attempting to leave as soon as they can.

indoor air quality in Paradise, CA

How Can I Improve My Air Quality?

Air quality isn’t just the temperature of a home or business; it refers to making sure the building is filtered throughout and that bacteria and mould are destroyed as to not pollute the air. Alternative Heating and Air provides both UV lighting and whole house air filtration to help improve air quality.

  • UV Lights: UV lighting helps kill bacteria and mould, and our clients have expressed a noticeable positive difference after UV light installation. There are two ways that we do this. The first is to focus the UV light on the coil in the return duct, which focuses on coil sterilization. The second is to place the UV in the air duct and have it cycle on whenever the air blows. This ensures that the air being blown is sterile. These bulbs last about 1 year, so an annual service to check the system and the bulb are necessary.
  • Whole House Air Filtration: Filtration systems are far more effective than home products bought from the store. This ensures that more allergens are removed and that the effect is distributed throughout the house in every room.

Do I Need to Improve My Air Quality?

Older houses are the first of many that definitely will benefit from air quality improvement. You may not see it, but mould and bacteria can build up over the years and be slowly poisoning your lungs. Houses in damper climates will also benefit from air quality improvement technology. The same reason as older houses applies in damp climates because the more humid the air around a home, the quicker mould will reproduce and build up.

indoor air quality in Paradise, CA

What’s the big deal about mould? They send out spores which travel by air and spread throughout the house, which will damage both your house and your lungs. People with allergies or asthma will be the first to feel the effects of these spores, which will exhibit themselves in a worsening if their symptoms. Others might even develop breathing problems due to these allergens in the air. We have heard from many of our clients that improving the air quality in their house has improved the life quality of the children in their home.

Where Can I Learn More?

Alternative Heating and Air have tons of information on indoor air quality in Paradise, CA. Just give us a call and speak to one of our service representatives today. They can answer any questions you may have about improving the air quality in your home or business as well as the schedule you an appointment for a professional consultation.

Improving the air quality in your home can change your quality of life, give us a call at 530-894-8082

Furnace Repair in Chico, CA

Furnace Repair in Chico, CA

If your furnace suddenly breaks down, your top priority is to have it up and running ASAP. Until there’s a problem with the furnace, most people probably don’t even think of hiring a furnace repair contractor. There is no shortage of companies that provide furnace repair in Chico, CA so it’s crucial to make the right hiring decision. Moreover, it’s also important to note that numerous benefits come with preventative furnace repair.

Improved efficiency

Furnace repairs are a small part of maintenance services that often include replacing worn out parts, cleaning, lubricating and inspecting the unit for optimal functionality. This ensures your furnace is running smoothly and efficiently, saving you plenty of money in the long run.

Alternative Heating & Air is a top choice HVAC contractor with a reputation for high-quality products and services. We pride ourselves on affordable pricing whereas ensuring your total satisfaction. Our technicians have over 20 years of experience in the industry, so we are well equipped to repair a wide variety of heating and air units.

We work hard to build and maintain long-term customer relationships by earning your business through quality work and affordable pricing. Our core business is to provide professional service you can trust. Call us today to schedule service.


Safety is a primary concern when it comes to furnaces because of the combustion process. A minor electrical fault or cracked combustion chamber can pose a fire safety risk. At Alternative Heating & Air, we will inspect your unit and come up with sustainable solutions. Sometimes, it’s worth considering a replacement, but if a repair will suffice, our professional repair team is at your disposal.

Preventative repair also ensures your furnace is in good working condition by preventing premature wear and tear. If you expect to get the most out of your unit, it helps to have repairs done when it’s due.

Furnace Service in Chico, CA

Furnace Service in Chico, CA

If your utility bills have increased all of a sudden, your heating and cooling system may be to blame. Not many homeowners know that an HVAC unit makes up close to around 40% of the utility bill of a household. To reduce your bill, maintain your machine well.

Several reasons can contribute to the increase in bills. The system may have malfunctioning parts that do not operate well or the unit may not switch on and off as required. If you are handy with DIY repairs, you may want to set the issues right on your own. However, experts suggest that you hire professionals to do the job.

The technicians not only possess a thorough knowledge of the machine but also have a great deal of experience in dealing with all kinds of issues. They can diagnose a problem quickly and can set it right fast. They also have the necessary tools to solve the issue without any delay.

Most people believe that calling in a professional may cost a lot of money and that they can save a great deal by doing repairs themselves. This is not always the case. Hiring professionals are actually much cheaper and you are also assured of quality services.

Sometimes, homeowners may want to buy a new unit when their old one starts to malfunction. However, before you go for a new machine, compare the price of repairs with the cost of buying a new appliance. Often, with quality repairs, your unit can continue to work well for many years. Sometimes, though, it’s best to replace the unit with a newer, more efficient one to save money over time.

The best time to schedule furnace maintenance is during summer and fall. The unit is then ready to function at top condition through the winter months.

If you are on the lookout for quality furnace service in Chico, CA, you can hire the services of Alternative Heating and Air, a premier heating and air conditioning company. Call to schedule an appointment today.

Quality Furnace Installation in Chico, CA

With good maintenance, furnaces can last for several years. If you cannot remember the last time you had scheduled a furnace inspection and are now facing some major issues with it, it is time to think of new furnace installation.

To start with, check if your present furnace size is right for your space. A qualified professional will tell you if your machine size is good for your home and if it is performing well. While it may be more cost effective to repair your furnace, a time will come when you cannot but replace your unit.

When you are on the search for the right furnace, it is good to go for an energy star appliance or other eco-friendly options. These may cost a little more, but the green appliances often pay for themselves quickly.

Once you choose your furnace, it does not take much time to install it. The entire process can be finished in just a few hours. However, there are some prep work that you can do to make the work easier. Make sure that the area where the furnace will be installed is clean and has enough lighting.

It is a good idea to be present when the furnace is being installed so that you are aware of the basic functioning of your new furnace. You must also inquire about cleaning the filters and vents. These are tasks that homeowners can do on their own which can help maintain the machine well.

If you are searching for furnace installation in Chico, CA, Alternative Heating & Air is one of the most well-known companies in the region. Our technicians have more than 20 years of experience in dealing with a wide range of heating and air units. We are best equipped to handle all your furnace requirements. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Furnace Maintenance in Chico, CA

Heating systems rarely breakdown and are easy to service. Because efficient operation is a function of quality and regular maintenance, it is prudent that your furnace be checked regularly. At Alternative Heating & Air, we offer full maintenance work in addition to repairs, tune ups as well as replacement cutting across, air conditioners, thermostats, ductless systems and indoor air quality among much more. We have been providing our services for over 20 years to Chico, Paradise, Oroville, Magalia and Nearby Areas. Furnace Maintenance in Chico, CA is readily available 24 hours a day. Our furnace maintenance work include the following.

Checking the exhaust gas outlets

Your furnace should be expelling exhaust gases without any hassle. If your furnace exhaust system is not functioning properly, a buildup of poisonous carbon monoxide gas may occur. This is fatal if the furnace is not checked regularly. If your furnace has this problem, call us and we will send one of our technicians to inspect the vent stack or chimney. Since our technicians are highly qualified, insured, licensed and bonded, the safety of your equipment is at heart. We check exhaust outlets for corrosion, back drafting, leaks and blockage. In this way the heating system functions well and your home remains safe.

Inspecting the fuel lines, burners and heat exchangers

Leaky fuel lines and loose connections are dangerous as well as it leads to reduced furnace efficiency. Likewise, sooty or cracked burners as well as damaged heat exchangers may reduce the overall system efficiency and operating conditions. Luckily we are here to conduct repairs and replacement of parts. With our quality replacement components and parts, all your problems are a phone call away from being solved. We fix leaky fuel lines and repair damages. For fast services, furnace maintenance in Chico, CA are affordable and conducted by experienced technicians. For all your heating, cooling and indoor air quality needs, call us today and schedule an appointment.