Constant Comfort™ Series

  • Our oil furnace series that is designed for upgraded durability, quiet comfort and improved efficiency
  • Exceptional heating efficiency ratings up to 86.8% AFUE
  • Variable-speed operation ensures consistent, more even temperature control

Performance Series

  • Reliable oil-fueled heating that’s easy on your budget
  • Heavy duty and reliable oil heating with efficiency ratings up to 86.4% AFUE

daWe all know how horrible it is when that cold night creeps up out of nowhere and leaves us huddled under our blankets. Are you finally calling it enough? Time to get a new furnace to keep your home cozy even on the coldest of nights? If so, the Alternative Heating And Cooling team would love to help. Our first recommendation is Day and Night oil furnace in Chico, Burham, Paradise, CA.

The Advantages Of Going With An Oil Furnace

At Alternative Heating and Cooling – your comfort is our number one priority. Our track-record proves our experience and quality service with each and every customer. However, we also value being completely honest with our customers. There are two different types of furnaces that you can invest into – an oil furnace and a gas furnace. Of course, each unit has its own benefit. For now, however, we will focus on the benefits of using an oil furnace.

  • Safer than it’s gas sibling. An oil furnace is safer because it is unlikely to explode – whereas gas is known for its explosive characteristic.
  • Oil furnaces have an expected lifespan of up to 40 years. Normal gas furnaces tend to only be expected to last up to 14-years.
  • The use of an oil furnace is far more popular throughout the United States among other places.

Get A Bang For Your Buck With The Constant Comfort Series

If you want the best of the best when it comes to oil furnaces on the market – this is the product series that you should be looking at. Day and Night brands offer durability, efficiency, and silent performance throughout all of their units.

  • Designed for durability, and maximum performance.
  • Competitive heating ratings of up to 86.2%.
  • Variable speed operation integrated to assist with even temperature control.
  • Lifetime heat exchanger limited warranty.
  • 10-year no hassle limited replacement warranty.

Day And Night Oil Furnace In Chico, Durham, Paradise, CA – The Performance Series

At Alternative Heating and Cooling, we understand that furnaces can be unforeseen investments. This can be stressful – more so if you are on a tight budget. However, Alternative Heating and Cooling is here to help! If you are looking for a line between comfort and affordability – this is the product you should choose.

  • Reliable oil based heating, which is great for your budget.
  • Heavy duty incredible energy efficiency ratings of up to 86.8%
  • 20-year limited heat exchanger warranty.

Alternative Heating and Cooling would love to guide you through the process of your brand-spanking new furnace. We can also help you with the installation and setup of your Day and Night oil furnace in Chico, Burham, Paradise. If you would like to learn more – simply call us at (530) 894-8082. If a phone call is time intensive, be sure to take a look at our Contact Us page.