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Four Scenarios That Will Make You Happy You Picked Us For Your AC Installation

Pick the true alternative to summertime blues with Alternative Heating and Air when you’re getting an air conditioning installation and need to know it will last and work effectively.

It’s easy to find yourself tired, zapped of energy, and drained when the heat of summer creeps up on you. Don’t let that happen by keeping your home cool. When it’s time for an air conditioning repair and installation in Durham, CA you’ve got to call Alternative Heating and Air.

We have the experience (over 20 years), the honesty, and the commitment to good service standards that will make you confident in your trust. Here are four scenarios that will make you glad you picked our professional services.

1. The neighbours stop by for an impromptu barbeque and glass of wine. When your spouse grabs the mail and casually invites the neighbours over as your dinner guests, you’ll be glad to know your AC runs smoothly without fail. No one wants the embarrassment of an overheated house or a loud, clunky air conditioner making it hard to hear one another’s voices over the fans. Instead, treating your neighbours can be fun and relaxing. Put a little music on over a wireless Bluetooth speaker and have a glass of wine at the kitchen counter while the grill warms up. Throw on some burgers or salmon and make a side of grilled veggies and rice.

2.It’s family time. Nothing should come between cuddling close to your loved ones on the couch for movie night or playing board games at the dining table after dinner. Everyone, including the kids, will feel comfortable and at ease when the AC is running softly in the background to keep everyone cool.

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3.Your teenage daughter is having a sleepover. You want the kids to feel good about having guests in the home and be able to play a role in supervision and time together as much as you can before they go off into adulthood. Your daughter and her friends will have a good night’s gossip and fun breakfast with the family when your air conditioning is running at it’s best. With extra people in the house, the temperature will creep up slightly, but a new AC will be able to handle the change in demand without difficulty.

4.It’s Independence Day! When the 4th of July comes around, you’ll want to be able to cook goodies in the kitchen, using the oven and stovetop without having to sweat in the heat. You and your spouse will appreciate the reliable cooling power of a newer AC to keep the heat and humidity of cooking from making you feel melted or dehydrated just when you need the energy to meet up with friends and family to watch the fireworks.

Call us today at 530-894-8082 for a free estimate for air conditioning installation in Durham, CA courtesy of Alternative Heating and Air. We are the top choice in the area and you’ll see why when you give us that call.