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How To Save Energy Bills Just By Common Sense

We all love summer but we sure don’t want to get too hot. During hot days, we usually crank up the thermostat to keep us cool and comfortable but we don’t like paying big bucks for air conditioning. Bills can add up a lot in summer.

A Depressing Fact

A whopping 48% of our home energy costs account to heating and cooling. That is not too good for your hard-earned money. Even though energy bills tend to fluctuate, this being true during seasonal temperature changes, it doesn’t mean that it should be that way. An air conditioning repair and installation in Magalia, CA can help you save by helping you out with planning and fitting. We love to cool down our homes as quickly as possible. This practice is not a good idea as this can drastically skyrocket electricity bills. You can always upgrade your system to make summertime cooling more efficient. There are also cost-effective changes to help you save that are easy and fast.

Drive Your Energy Cost Down From the Outside

A great way of keeping your costs down takes place outside the home. Now is the perfect time to start practising. Stopping the sun from shining inside your home is easy. Leafy trees planted around your home can definitely help. Trees can give shade to your overheated house. Trees can certainly block the heat and rays from the sun during summer. They keep you cool when in your yard and keep your energy cost down. Shrubs also provide continuous shade all year round. Your AC unit will not work as hard if it is cool outside your home, thus driving your energy bills down. An air conditioning installation Magalia, CA can help you strategically plan your AC system to adjust to your home environment.

Service Your Unit

Unless you physically track for how long you have your AC on and compare it to how much all other electronics in your house are using, you are in the dark. Your cooling system just eats too much energy. Older systems and units that are not properly maintained can be a cause. An air conditioning installation in Magalia, CA can help you save money by helping you with keeping your unit in its prime condition. Basic maintenance is needed but a good hosing out is most essential. Especially during the summer when it can get dusty, debris can get to the filter and clog the airflow. When this happens, your unit has to work harder. You also have to make sure that the ducts that run through the house are properly insulated. This is important so the air will keep on coming as cool as it can. You do not want to pay for a half cool house. Spend your money well!

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