Take a Summer Birthday Party To The Next Level

Whether it’s your son’s birthday or your spouse’s, make a memorable and fun birthday event for friends and family with these fun tips from Alternative Heating and Air. Our team offers competitively priced and quality air conditioning installation in Magalia, CA. These fun ideas can really bring together a group to celebrate in fun ways.

  1. Plan it around a game. You can plan the birthday around watching a sport on TV or playing a favorite game in teams together. Involve the birthday guy or girl in deciding what games they love most. Pick something that works well with the number of guests, for example, don’t pick a two to the four-player game when you have 10 guests. Even on teams it may lag on too long and cause guests to lose interest.
  2. The “Create-Your-Own” Trend is fun and easy. For guests older than six, a buffet-style lineup of items for customizable party food is a really fun way to go. Some ideas are sub sandwiches, mini-pizzas on the grill, paninis, and sundaes. Cookie decorating is a good route for younger children. Use a plastic tablecloth and have kids sit with some adult supervision to decorate sugar cookies. The grilled pizzas are a delicious route for adults as well as kids. Adding arugula and kalamata olives will please a seasoned palate, while classics like pepperoni and Canadian bacon are ageless favorites. Remember to test your grill for this one first to get settings down, as burned mini pizzas may be memorable, but won’t be very enjoyable for your guests.
  3. Use a two-tone colour theme. Choosing two distinct colours sets the mood for guests to a party! The birthday party should be all about the person turning a year older, so ask them to pick based on a sports team or general preference. Use items like neutral tablecloths as a canvas, and then add bright streamers or ribbon in the colour scheme for decoration.alternative2
  4. Make a crash zone for guests to leave personal items. A coat closet, entry hall bench with hooks, or bed in a guest room for everyone to set down these items will make it easier to get on with the fun.
  5. Plan for a fun dessert finish. After opening cards and gifts, plan to serve cake or set out a sundae bar for guests. Unusual toppings for ice cream like starfruit or pop rocks candy can be fun for kids to try new foods and get some novelty from the crackling candy.
  6. Make sure air conditioning malfunctions are the last thing on your mind. Get air conditioning repair and installation in Magalia, CA to replace a unit that’s been having issues or is more than 10 years old. With a new AC, you can rely on, guests will be comfortable and so will you and the birthday star.

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