air conditioning installation in Durham CA

The Benefits Of Modern Air Conditioning Only The Professionals Know

Around here nobody should have to live without a good AC system. At Alternative Heating & Air, F we want you to be comfortable at home, and getting an air conditioning repair installation in Durham, CA is easy with our technicians on hand. Aside from the product you pick and the professional fitting service you expect, what can I new AC unit really offer you? Well actually modern central air provides users with a whole host of options and benefits many wholesalers and industry gurus never seem to mention and we’re not quite sure why because they really offer buyers more insight into exactly what you’ll be getting when you buy a new air conditioner.

Up and Running

Most of our customers are concerned about two things when they need a new air conditioner, the price of the unit and installation service and how much it will cost to run. With all modern air products meeting government standards for energy efficiency, installing a new AC system is likely to save the average homeowner 20-40% in fuel costs a year and reduce carbon emissions of up to 1 tonne in the average home when the right type of equipment is installed. To make sure you find the best air conditioner to suit your home, our technician will do an assessment of both your current unit, AC usage and your property. air conditioning installation in Durham, CA

Improving Air Quality and Circulation

The efficiency of your new AC equipment will be lost if your home doesn’t have proper ventilation or ducts, for example, any modifications needed to ensure you’re in charge of how and when you use your air conditioner. Modifications such as full house fans can be easily added into new central air systems and all the highly-efficient Energy Star products we offer give scope for ceiling fans as well as the ability to remove heat loss through to make sure your hard-earned cash doesn’t fall through the cracks. Newer AC models are built to output and circulate cool, clean air at lower thermostat levels, and with touchscreen panels on the equipment itself and the ability to make adjustments from specific brand mini tablets or your own mobile device, you’ll always be in control. Getting a new air conditioning installation in Durham, CA could give you more than you thought, right?

AC That Works With You

At Alternative Heating & Air, we understand that everybody is different and so all the brands we install come in a variety of sizes, colour schemes. This is actually an important part of a proper installation, for example in the California area it makes sense for many of our customers to have indoor units in areas like the laundry room or in the garage rather than have AC units on the roof as the warmer weather can affect the function of the unit and it also protects against damages during storm season.

Only a true professional is going to take the time to analyze all these points and recommend an air conditioning installation in Durham, CA that is truly right for you, call us on (530) 894-8082 to book an assessment.