You may have invested a considerable amount in high-quality and reliable HVAC systems to maintain comfort in your commercial building. However, commercial HVAC systems are expensive to maintain and install as they are massive units designed to provide comfort in the entire building.

If you are worrying that your electricity bill might increase, here are some mistakes you can avoid and save yourself on energy costs. For any AC issues that require professional assistance, contact Alternative Heating and Air, the AC repair experts in Chico, CA.

Avoid four mistakes if you want to save on energy bills!

Here are mistakes that you should avoid if you are a commercial HVAC system owner:

Setting the thermostat at extreme temperatures.

Overheating or overcooling the indoor environment can have some severe impacts. It forces the HVAC system to work harder, and it can lead to an increase in electricity and upkeeping bills. Moreover, it may have an impact on your and your employees’ health as well.

Avoiding the repairs.

Repairing a malfunctioning HVAC system can be expensive; however, it is essential to fix it as early as possible. Some building owners delay service by avoiding calling for air conditioning repair in Chico. Delaying the repair service can cause the problems to become more complicated and costly.

Not investing in smart thermostats.

Smart and programmable thermostats are the latest technology that helps focus on living life more comfortably. A smart thermostat helps to save your preferential temperature requirements so that you can customize your temperature settings based on your needs.

Moreover, some of these can be connected to wi-fi, and the thermostat can even detect the humidity in the air.

Need to schedule maintenance services.

It would help if you never forgot to schedule maintenance services for the HVAC system, as it is essential for its proper function.

Scheduling the professional maintenance service for the commercial HVAC system is best!

As a commercial building owner, you understand the importance of annual maintenance for commercial HVAC systems. Numerous benefits are associated with scheduling yearly maintenance service or getting enrolled in maintenance plans provided by our AC contractor in Chico, CA:

Fewer repair issues

Annual maintenance services help detect the issues in the earlier stages, and our technician fixes them before it creates more chaos.

Efficient functioning

Our technician makes the necessary upgrades and changes the settings so the HVAC system can run the entire season efficiently. If it runs efficiently, there is no need to worry about increased electricity bills.

No sudden breakdowns

The entire commercial building can turn upside down if the HVAC system breaks down suddenly in extreme temperatures. However, even if the climate reaches excessive levels, our Chico air conditioning repair experts will inspect and fix your HVAC system so that it never falls.

Calm environment

Improperly maintained HVAC systems can operate loudly, which may disturb the environment in the commercial building and the workplace. That’s why an annual maintenance service can help you achieve a more quiet and consistent setting.

Increased productivity

Working in a comfortable and cozy environment can help increase productivity, and you can expect better outcomes. That’s why it is best to call our AC repair expert in Chico, CA, to inspect the commercial unit.

Bottom line,

It is better to invest and get enrolled in maintenance plans instead of scheduling annual maintenance services. Maintenance plans give several advantages, like free-of-cost emergency services and scheduling maintenance services according to the HVAC systems requirement.

Suppose you are looking for an AC contractor in Chico, CA, that provides the best maintenance plans and HVAC services at competitive rates. Alternative Heating and Air is the right choice. We can help you fix any commercial HVAC system issues and replace existing units. Call (530) 894-8082 to learn more about our services.