Reliable Air Conditioning Installation Chico CA

The process of installing an air conditioner can be complicated, especially when the building in question is an apartment in a high-rise building. The job is also dangerous since the AC installer must also work on the outside wall of the apartment. Therefore, the job should only be handled by a professional. When in need of reliable air conditioning installation in Chico CA, it is important you identify the most qualified installer, such as Alternative Heating & Air to install the air conditioner.

AC Installation Process

Whether you’re installing a new AC in new construction or replacing an obsolete air conditioner in an existing building, the installer must first assess your home’s or office’s cooling needs. This is done by measuring the total square footage on your property. If you already know the total floor area of your home or office, this can be easy. The installer will match that space to a suitable air conditioning machine, in terms of BTU rating and help you pick the right brand of AC machine.

After choosing the preferred equipment, the experts at Alternative Heating & Air will give you a quote on the cost of the equipment, installation, and maintenance. The good news is that you can get financing for both equipment purchase and installation. Alternative Heating & Air offers convenient maintenance contracts that will ensure that both your AC machine and wallet are in good health.

Why Choose Alternative Heating & Air?

Well, the company has experienced installers who are factory trained and professional in their work. These technicians are also certified by NATE, so they can handle any make or model of AC machine on the market. The company is also licensed to offer air conditioning repair and installation in Chico CA, so you can claim tax credits for having Energy-Star rated HVAC equipment installed by licensed professionals.