The Air Conditioning Installation Durham CA Loves Most of All

When your HVAC freezes up, your day goes from great to terrible. It usually happens when you are planning something great — like having a family party in the den to cheer on the SEC or spending the whole day of PTO sleeping in inside the cool, comfy guest room. We totally understand how easy it is for something as simple as an HVAC issue to ruin your day. This is because you do not give much thought to your AC until it does not work… then — it is basically all that you can think about. The air inside your home is what creates the backdrop to all your special, relaxing, or amazing moments. Here at Alternative Heating & Air, the air conditioning installation Durham CA trusts most, we completely get that high temp indoors can transform your day into something you really never wanted it to be… hot, sticky, and miserable.

Restore Comfort Fast with Alternative Heating & Air

Some crews leave you waiting for results for days and sometimes weeks. Having to wait days for your home to be cool and protected again is just not an option. When air cannot circulate indoors, it can become even hotter than the outdoors. This can become dangerous in heatwaves, especially for those who have health issues. We never want you to go unprotected. We could never rest at night if we thought that you had to wait for repairs. It is part of our job to think about wait times because not only is it our responsibility to keep you comfy but also safe. With us, you will get the repairs that you need in the time frame you need it in. We will do everything we can to ensure this promise to you.

When you are searching for the air conditioning repair and installation Durham CA trusts most of all, turn to us and let us show you the difference that our crew can make. We promise to always remember that you are the reason we get to come to a job that we love every day. That means so much to us and we will always show our appreciation by continuing to be the reliable, affordable, and quick service that keeps your home comfy, safe, and ready for all of your favorite moments.