Ever woken up in the middle of the night feeling cold, while you were sure you went to bed warm and toasty, ever came early to an icebox of a box while you were looking forward to enjoying the heat.  Maybe it’s the problem with the furnace. 

If it’s the problem with the furnace, we are here to take care of the problem. Our team at alternative heating and air, furnace repair in Chico, CA has fully licensed and insured employees and we have experience in serving all furnace brands. We guarantee our work, therefore, our technicians will complete the repairs to your furnace thoroughly and professionally the first time around.

Heating equipment is complicated and even if one component malfunctions, it impacts the entire system’s ability to operate. Our technicians will make sure to deal with even the smallest of problems.

Here are some signs to look out for, to indicate when you have to call in the professionals.

  • The furnace isn’t turning on.
  • The pilot light is turned off.
  • Weird noises are coming out during startup and operation.
  • The main burner won’t light or won’t stay lit for more than three seconds.
  • The blower won’t turn on.
  • The furnace blower is turned on constantly.

If you come across any of the above problems contact us at Alternative Heating & Air for the best and leading service in furnace repair in Chico, CA, furnace service in Chico CA, heating repair in Chico CA, heating service in Chico CA