Merely installing a furnace is not enough; you also need to make sure that your furnace gives the desired heat you require during winters. If your furnace does not work effectively and fails to keep you warm, the reason is that it lacks proper and timely maintenance. You need to follow a checklist while getting your furnace maintenance to avoid any complications later. At Alternative Heating and Air, we offer furnace repair and heating installation in Chico, CA. Our professional HVAC technicians provide the best quality services so that your heating system works effectively and smoothly in the long run.


Like the output varies in different types of furnaces, the steps taken for its maintenance also varies. Primarily, there are two types of furnaces: Gas Furnace and Oil Furnace.


These are the standard furnace maintenance checklist to follow for all kinds of furnaces:


1. Clean the blower unit of the furnace carefully.

2. Replace all the air filters before the season arrives. The air filters are responsible for filtering the dust particles and other allergens, which can be harmful to you.

3. If the air filters are changed recently, then clean it regularly.

4. You should check the pulley and belt as it can be dangerous if not in the right condition. 

5. Clean if there’s any blockage around the vents.

6. Set the thermostat to automatic mode for best performance.

7. Check the insulation around the ducts.

8. Clean the ducts to ensure that no blockage puts a load on the furnace resulting in higher bills.


Maintenance Check-list for Gas Furnace

1. Check all the safety controls by running the system and analyzing the operation.

2. Check the pilot light to ensure there’s no issue.

3. You should check the color of the flames in the combustion unit; it should be yellow.

4. If the color is not yellow, it indicates leakage. If leakage is suspected, turn off the gas supply immediately. 

5. Switch on the system and note down if there’s any specific odd sound. If yes, please report it to the HVAC professionals.


Maintenance Checklist for Oil Furnace

1. Clean the furnace during winters to avoid the deposition of oil residue. 

2. Replace the oil filters at the beginning of the season.

3. Adjust the draft regulator and lubricate the motor parts.

4. Go through the oil nozzle, air tubes, and pump.

5. If you see a dark color smoke coming out of the chimney, it means it requires tune-up by an HVAC professional.

6. Check the capacity and the supply in the fuel tank.



All furnaces require reliable maintenance. Our certified HVAC professionals perform professional maintenance services with special tools and techniques.  Alternative Heating and Air, furnace repair in Chico, CA, has trained HVAC technicians who have expertise in all types of furnaces. Call now to know more (530) 894-8082. We also offer heating repair in Chico CA, furnace service in Chico CA, heating installation in Chico CA.