Air conditioning tune-ups are crucial maintenance practices that can help your equipment work at near factory standards. However, this will also depend on the overall condition and age of your air conditioning unit. If your air conditioner runs efficiently, you won’t need it to run for long. This helps to save a lot in reduced energy bills at the end of the month. Additionally, your unit will not work harder to deliver the kind of cooling that you need in your rooms if you perform air conditioning tune up.

Maintenance and servicing can translate into even greater savings for a homeowner. Often, NATE certified air conditioning technicians work to unearth even the smallest problems that can are often neglected but have a huge effect on the overall energy costs. Small but important issues can be fixed easily without having to spend more during the tune-ups.

When assumed or ignored, minor problems can escalate into complex problems that can be costly to fix. Good examples of such problems may include fixing refrigerant leaks early. Undetected leaks will drain the refrigerant, which can result in burning up the compressor. Replacing a compressor can cost up to $1,000 or more. You will also pay more for your monthly bills because the unit will run inefficiently before the compressor fails completely, which results in even more losses.

Be at peace in your home by ensuring that a specialist tunes up your heating and air conditioning equipment before the next season of extreme temperatures. Here are some of the central air conditioning tune-up services that you might expect from a technician:

  • Checking both primary and secondary drain lines
  • Checking the operating pressures to ensure the right refrigerant charge
  • Adjusting the components of the blower
  • Checking and correcting air conditioning cycle
  • Monitoring the amount of voltage and amps on all the motors
  • Tightening all loose connections
  • Adjusting and cleaning the thermostat

Are you still wondering whether to perform a tune-up? Air conditioning repair services will reduce annual energy bills and result in huge savings of up to $100 per every system in your home.