Various heating technologies are available as replacement options if your unit is aging and needs to be replaced. Different models and sizes are available for each of these systems, depending on the size of your home. Consult a heating service provider in Chico, CA, to install or replace a new heating system.

Types of home heating systems.

Knowing the type of heating system installed in your home is necessary so you can call the technician to fix it if it ever shows signs of problems.

  • Furnace.
    An air furnace forces air through ducts. As a result, the air in the home is heated and conditioned. Natural gas is the most regular heating source in U.S. homes, followed by electricity, propane, and oil.
  • Boiler
    One of the most common heating systems is the boiler. The heat is provided by pipes that carry hot water or steam. The downside is that they are better costly to install and run, even though they allow you to perform zoned heating and cooling.
  • Heat pump
    Homeowners can use heat pumps both for heating and cooling. However, unlike gas furnaces, they transfer heat using refrigerant and electricity. As a result, the efficiency of these heating systems is often much higher than those of other types.
  • Hybrid heating
    Hybrid heating combines an energy-efficient heat pump with a powerful gas furnace. Heating and cooling your home will be handled by the heat pump most of the time. The stove is only activated during extreme temperatures.
  • Baseboard heaters
    In addition to supplementing the central heating system, baseboard heating can also be an affordable and practical addition. Depending on your needs, you can choose electric or hydronic baseboard heating. Contact your local heating installation service provider in Chico, CA.

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