HVAC systems are an integral part of a residence. They are responsible for maintaining proper indoor and outdoor air movement to keep the environment healthy. According to our heating service experts in Chico, you should know the type of heating and cooling system installed in the residence if you have recently moved to your new home in Chico.

How to find out what type of heating system is installed?

It is quite easy to determine the type of heating unit you have in your home. There are seven types of heating systems available in the market.

  • Furnace
    A furnace is a forced air distribution system that distributes warm air through the duct.
  • Boiler
    The boiler delivers warmth by sending steam or hot water through the pipes. Boilers are called central heating systems, as the air is processed in the central part of the home and distributed to different corners.
  • Heat pump
    These systems can deliver cool and warm air at the same time. All you need to switch is the reversing valve. Heat pump systems transfer the heat from one place to another with the help of refrigerants. An indoor air handler blows the air directly into the room.
  • Hybrid systems
    Hybrid systems are a combination of gas furnaces and heat pump systems. During the extreme cold, you can use the furnace system.
  • Ductless mini-splits
    Ductless mini-splits deliver the air in the zones without requiring a duct system. They are beneficial if you want a thermostat in each room in residence or in add-ons areas where ductwork is not installed.
  • Radiant heating
    A radiant heating system warms the residence by sending hot water or electric heat through special tubes installed under the floor.
  • Baseboard heaters
    Baseboard heaters are considered to supplement heating options during adverse situations.

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