Are you feeling warm or uncomfortable in a fully air-conditioned room? Or does the air around you feel humid or heavy? If your answer to these questions is yes, your indoor air quality is imbalanced.

According to the Chico AC repair experts, the water vapor percentage in indoor air should be around 30-50%. Problems arise in the household when the moisture content increases or decreases.

Reasons behind high humidity levels in the indoor air.

The humidity levels are high because of improper air ventilation by the air conditioning system. Apart from lowering the temperature, the AC system’s responsibility is to maintain balance in the water vapor levels. The reasons why your AC system is malfunctioning are:

  1. Clogged drain lines
  2. Excess moisture in ducts and vents
  3. Frozen evaporator coils
  4. You brought home a massive size AC system

How do we remove the musty smell from the air conditioning system?

Switch off the air conditioning system when you find mold or mildew growing inside the AC unit. Take a can of hot boiling water, add ½ cup of bleach, and dip a scrubbing sponge in the bleach solution to clean the affected area. The bleach will instantly kill the mold spores and stop the growth.

Now, call the AC repair in Chico to repair the issue that caused the mold and mildew growth inside the AC system. If the air in your home environment smells like mildew or mold, and it feels uneasy about remaining indoors, consult air quality experts and schedule a whole-house dehumidification service to remove all traces of excess moisture from the air.


Mold and mildew growth in your surroundings can cause respiratory and allergy problems in the long run.

Experts suggest taking strict and immediate action when you find mold or mildew in the corner of your house. Call Alternative Heating and Air to provide efficient services to remove the cause of the problem. Call (530)894-8082 to schedule AC repair in Chico today.