As winter approaches, you may consider replacing your furnace system or keeping it for the year. There are certain signs your heating system will indicate that tell whether you need to opt for furnace replacement. If you are looking for heating services in Chico, CA, contact Alternative Heating and Air for assistance.

Signs that you need to opt for a new furnace

When it comes to replacement, it can be expensive but necessary, which is why you need to keep an eye on the condition of your furnace. If you require professional assistance with furnace repair in Chico, CA, contact Alternative Heating and Air.

The following are a few signs that you need a furnace replacement:

The age of your furnace

A properly maintained furnace can work for up to 20 years. However, if your heating system has already crossed over a decade and is failing consistently to provide maximum efficiency, you can consider installing a new home furnace.

Uneven temperature distribution across your house

If your house has cold spots in several places even though the furnace is running, you can rest assured the ducts have become faulty or the thermostat is not working. Whatever the condition is, you should call our furnace repair technician in Chico, CA, first for an initial inspection. If the issue persists, opt for replacing the system.

Weird noise from the system

When a furnace starts making unusual sounds, it is likely that you need a new heating system installation in Chico, CA. Every noise can mean different conditions of the furnace, such as:

  1. Screeching noise might indicate the damaged condition of the blower motor.
  2. Popping noise generally indicates temperature fluctuations within your heating system.
  3. Clicking noise signifies the sorry state of the flame sensor.
  4. Rattling noise points to the loosened parts inside the furnace, like bolts, screws, joints, ducts, etc.

The soaring energy bill

You can blame your furnace system if you start getting excessive utility bills in winter. It happens because the system has to work harder than usual to provide us comfort. When the furnace is forced to work with damaged parts, it consumes more energy than ever.

As a result, the energy bill increases. If you require furnace repair in Chico, CA, contact Alternative Heating and Air for assistance.

The yellow furnace flame

The yellow furnace flame instead of the blue one indicates your furnace is in trouble. At this point, you can contact us for professional heating installation service in Chico, CA, to inspect if the problem can be solved.

Soot collection near the furnace

Do you find soot near the heating system often? Usually, dirt and soot come with dry air that can damage the flooring, wall, other home appliances, and wooden furniture. Excess dust and dry air indicate the furnace produces too much carbon dioxide.

As a homeowner, you can understand such a condition is not good for health. In this case, call us for a heating installation expert in Chico, CA, to look into this problem immediately.

Bottom line

Furnace replacement in Chico, CA, might seem expensive initially, but it is worth it. Such a decision will ensure your comfort, safety, and security. Hire a professional service provider like Alternative Heating and Air to analyze your existing furnace thoroughly.

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