As we all know, an air conditioner has grown more of a necessity than a luxury in present times. It has now become a necessary investment for most of us. Without an AC, it is now tough to lead a comfortable life. We purchase our AC with the view of having a hassle-free life. However, some well-known HVAC malfunctioning signs indicate that replacing instead of repairing is a more suitable way to use your money.  

AC buying tips

The most dependable AC systems are naturally costly, though much calmer and efficient. And just like everything else, you receive what you spend for, so you must never sacrifice on this significant purchase. 

However, with a wide range of options available in the market in present times, it is obvious that you might get bewildered by the choices, and the best way to overcome this is to compare quotes of various AC contractors and then choose the most suitable one.

To assist you in your air conditioner purchase, mentioned below are some of the tips that you must keep in mind while buying an air conditioner – 

  • Cooling capacity 

When purchasing an air conditioner, always ensure that it holds a tractable thermostat and a minimum of two cooling modes. Furthermore, it must hold at least three fan speeds for changeable speeds for diverse requirements. 

  • Energy efficiency

In present times where there are skyrocketing utility bills and rising mercury levels, it is essential to purchasing an energy-efficient air conditioner. Air Conditioner units that arrive with star-rated energy performance ratings or SEER ratings are poured by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency( BEE). Therefore, cooling units with more powerful star ratings absorb lesser power when compared to ones with lower star ratings. 

  • The type

Another significant factor when purchasing an air conditioner is whether you need a split AC model or a window AC model. This will principally depend on your preference. However, you must retain in mind that window AC units are slightly more affordable and more manageable to install, and split models are quieter and more comfortable.

  • Price 

The amount of money you are looking to spend on the unit matters the most. While the rate differs amongst various brands, homeowners usually spend between $3,702 and $7,132 for a brand-new cooling unit. However, you must note that higher SEER ratings and added features value for a higher price. Moreover, if you purchase an AC inverter, it normally costs 20 percent, a higher price than a split AC model with a 5-star rating.

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