The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system are essential for keeping your residence comfortable throughout the year. The most extensive system within the unit is your furnace, and it should be working correctly, so it can keep your house warm during the harsh winter months. It doesn’t matter how aged your system is. However, you may run into troubles, such as your furnace system freezing up. If you’ve ever wondered how to prevent a furnace from freezing up, here are a few ways:

Keep your air filter clean.

When the freezing winter months arrive, your furnace system requires all the help it can get to keep your house warm. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure a clean air filter is installed during freezing weather. This prevents your furnace from working harder than it has to.

Clean coils

Evaporator coils have to help with converting the air into heat. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain clean surroundings as grime can form in these coils, impeding airflow. Moreover, ice can follow after and freeze up the unit. Though you can conduct a minor clean-up on your own, such as removing leaves from the coils, more severe problems need heating service in Chico, CA.

Hold off on setting back your thermostat.

Generally, it’s an incredible idea to reduce your thermostat’s temperature setting when away from home to conserve energy. However, you should keep your thermostat set at a constant setting until the weather warms back up to normal condition for this season.

Observe coolant leaks

Coolant is a gas substance or fluid that gives the air temperature within the unit. If there is something wrong with the coolant levels, then the unit won’t blow air properly. The issue has to be dealt with by a contractor. People tend to put a sealant on wherever the coolant is dripping from for a short-term fix. This doesn’t cover the root of the problem, what the contractor would need to see. This issue commonly forms around the coils, and then they would have to be replaced if that’s where it’s coming from. So, this is a correctable issue, but it must be dealt with for the long term, ensuring it won’t happen again.

Ensure your blower fan is working appropriately

A damaged blower fan can also make life difficult for your system, either because it can’t produce sufficient airflow to keep the coil from freezing over or because it won’t operate at all. Whatever the case, you will need to have your HVAC machinist take a good look at the blower fan. While examining the overall condition of the blower fan and its motor, the technician also checks the fan’s power output and rotation speed of the blower fan. Are you searching for a heating repair in Chico, CA? You don’t need to look further than Alternative Heating and Air. To book our expert and affordable heating installation in Chico, CA, you can call us now at 530894-8082.