Air conditioners are made for summer days when you can not bear the heat. But, it never implies that you should run your AC unit frequently, even after the desired cooling has been achieved. Therefore, it is essential to differentiate between users and over usage, which could lead to the complete failure of your AC unit.

However, if you still need to run the AC for 24 hours, make sure that you follow a regular maintenance schedule and tune-ups. It would help you conserve your AC’s lifespan and efficiency. Contact AC repair in Chico, CA, for more information.

Outcomes of running the AC unit 24/7

Most machines cannot run 24/7 without rest. As for an air conditioner, keeping it on all the time will adversely affect its efficiency and lifespan. Consider the given consequences before you do so.

  • Exhausted system
    No matter what the size, shape, model, or weightage of your AC, if you run it 24/7, it will undoubtedly fail eventually. Overworking your AC will only result in reduced efficiency, wear and tear, and reduced lifespan of your AC. Therefore, shut it down when not in use.
  • Higher energy bills
    Your AC can not run without electricity. Thus, it directly affects your AC’s energy consumption. Increased energy consumption means increased energy costs, which might not be feasible for your finances. It is just a waste of power if you keep your AC on 24/7, as it has already reached the desired temperature.
  • Sudden breakdowns
    Keeping your AC on all the time will increase the strain on the internal components leading to untimely breakdowns. In addition, overheating without a cooling time will push the limits, and you will suffer a more significant loss in repair and replacements.

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