The weather is cold, and all you want to do is cozy up in the comfort of your home heated by your furnace. The furnace system is very important in your home, providing warmth and comfort in the dreary cold months. 

Hire expert furnace repair services in Chico, CA, to get your furnace repaired by professionals. 

It’s important to schedule furnace repairs as soon as your furnace starts shows signs of trouble. Here we have listed down signs that indicate that your furnace is in dire need of repair.

Signs your furnace is breaking down

  • Water surrounds your furnace system

Look out for water pooling under or near your furnace. Leaking water could be caused by a condensation leak. A condensation leak results from a clogged condensation drain or tube or breaks in the condensation line. However, this problem is not that serious; it still needs to be addressed to ensure that your furnace runs smoothly.

  • Heat is inadequate

If your furnace is not providing you with all the services it is supposed to, it needs repair. Regardless of your thermostat settings, if your thermostat is not producing heat or is providing only a low level of heat, you need to schedule a repair.

  • Poor air quality

A neglected furnace can cause a lot of issues. High humidity levels, contaminated air, excess moisture are a sign of an improperly sized system. A neglected furnace system can invite dust, dirt, bacteria, and other foreign particles into your home, along with the heated air. If any of your family members have allergies, these foreign particles could also cause headaches, itchiness, and watery eyes.

  • Increase in utility bills

With time, many furnaces lose the ability to cool your house as efficiently as they once did. If you notice an unnecessary rise in your utility bills, your furnace is to blame. Although ductwork problems could commonly cause it, it is often very hard to guess the issue. If this is happening with you as well, find out the root of the cause.

  • If you ignored or neglected your furnace for at least a year

You must know and remember the last time you called for maintenance. If you haven’t gotten it repaired or serviced in a year, it’s time to call your service technician. HVAC systems need constant maintenance to ensure maximum efficiency. Subscribe to monthly or annual checkups offered by HVAC repair companies.

  • Your thermostat has stopped working

The thermostat plays a significant role in the working of your furnace. The thermostat’s main job is to inform your HVAC system of the amount of heat it should produce. Problems with the thermostat are often caused by technical issues such as loose wiring, tripped circuit breakers, and blown fuses. If your thermostat is causing problems or constantly needs to turn up to keep your surroundings warm, it needs repair.

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