With winter quickly approaching, it is time to make sure your heating system is ready to provide a comfortable environment in your home. However, as the first season approaches, we are often irritated by the burning smell from the furnace, which may not be too unpleasant, but is irritating nonetheless. In such a scenario, do not panic! You can avoid the unpleasant smells by contacting a professional heating service in Chico, CA. The smell maybe because of the breakdown of specific components or a burning smell. Do not ignore this.

What is the first time of the season for a furnace smell?

When you turn on the heater for the first time during the winter, you can often smell a burning odor coming from it. Dust is burning off the vents, registers, and heat exchangers, so it’s nothing but the smell of dust. The reason behind this is over time, due to not using the furnace, a layer of dust builds up on the components and parts, which quickly heats as soon as the furnace is turned on, causing a distinct smell as it burns. The smell dissipates within an hour or two, so you do not need to worry about it. 

How to avoid the burning smell? 

When they turn on their heater for the first time during winter, some homeowners don’t mind getting a burning smell. However, if you experience any of the following, you can contact a professional for heating/furnace repair in Chico, CA : There is a burning smell of plastic or rubber It smells like burning wires, similar to an electrical odor It smells like smoke The odor lasts longer. There are, however, many people who are worried about it as well. So those are the steps you can take to eliminate the burning smell. 
  • Prepare your furnace for the winter season by performing a tune-up. Tuning up your heating system will remove all the dirt accumulated on the ducts and other components. 
If your heating system is maintained correctly before the first start-up, the burning smell will be significantly reduced, if not wholly avoided. Contact a professional for heating service in Chico, CA for furnace tune-up.
  • Another great way to avoid the burning smell is to change the furnace filter. The dust particles that accumulate on the filter won’t be able to recirculate into your living areas, causing the bad smell to linger. When the filter is clean, it will allow for proper airflow, whereas a dirty filter may cause the burning smell to persist.
  • Performing duct cleaning is essential because it helps you avoid the formation of a burning smell in your heater. Mold or mildew may grow in your ductwork or heating system if your furnace has dirty filters and clogged air vents. You may experience an unpleasant musty smell when your system is turned on as a result.
If you observe these signs, your heating unit is most likely in need of urgent repair. At Alternative Heating and Air, we offer our furnace repair in Chico, CA and surrounding areas. If you face any issues and require urgent Furnace services, don’t hesitate and give us a call at (530)894-8082 to avoid any unwanted consequences.