If you spent a lot on air conditioning repair in Chico, CA, last year, it is likely to perform similarly or even worse this year. If you didn’t replace your air conditioner last year and spent a lot of money on energy bills or maintenance, you should expect the same problems this year.

One reason homeowners are concerned about how long a technician would spend in their home is the time it takes to replace an air conditioner. You may rest assured that it will be short. AC installation might take anywhere from 4 to 8 hours, depending on the complexity of the procedure.

Factors That Influence The Length Of Time It Takes to Build an HVAC System

Simple system replacement

A simple system replacement only necessitates the replacement of an old HVAC unit with a new one, with no other necessary equipment, such as ductwork or wiring, being replaced. According to Chico AC repair professionals, this installation setup takes a few minutes to an hour.

Complete system replacement

A complete system HVAC installation necessitates entire HVAC system replacement, such as ductwork replacement or thermostat rewiring, which takes time. This type of installation usually takes three to five days.

Type of unit

Air conditioning repair experts in Chico, CA, say that the period it takes to install an HVAC unit is primarily determined by the unit you choose. A central air conditioner, for example, requires more time than a mini-split air conditioner.

Size of the home

An expert AC contractor in Chico, CAsuggests that the size of your home is one of the essential factors in determining how long HVAC installation will take. It takes longer to cover a broader region. Larger rooms take more time to heat and cool, necessitating larger equipment. 

If the repair requires replacing all significant components of your HVAC system, a large house may need a larger installation. Larger HVAC systems or more HVAC units are sometimes necessary for large spaces. Installing will take the same amount of time in whatever size house if you replace the old unit with a new one of the same size and leave the other equipment alone.

Installing or replacing

It takes longer to install a brand new unit than to replace one. The installation of a new unit necessitates the typical structure of all relevant equipment in addition to the unit. However, replacing a unit usually entails removing the old one and replacing it with a new one.

The unit’s location

According to specialists in Chico for AC repair, the construction of a building prevents specialists from quickly reaching vital areas while replacing the air conditioner. For example, the installation may be more complex and time-consuming if your unit is difficult to reach, hidden away, or located high up (such as on a rooftop). Expect to add a little more time to the repair process if you live in a structure with a high roof. 

Calling a professional is an integral part of AC installation. Our professional technicians inspect the new installation area and replace the old air conditioner without interfering with your and your family’s comfort. Alternative Heating and Air’s skilled AC contractors in Chico, CA, can provide excellent HVAC services. Contact us at 530-894-8082 or drop us a mail here.