On hot days, everyone’s great friend is the air conditioning. In several regions of Chico, CA, it is impossible to work or sleep without air conditioning. But, like any other electrical equipment, it needs repairing and maintenance.

With up-to-date repairing, the equipment is unlikely to present problems and will operate at maximum potential. On the other hand, if you leave this repair aside, the equipment will probably have to be replaced much sooner than imagined.

At Alternative Heating & Air, We know the importance of air conditioning repair in Chico, CA, and therefore check out some useful tips for repairing your air conditioning that can save your money and time as well.

Air conditioning problems & repairing

The complications that an air conditioner can have are many, but the most common of them are listed below with their possible solutions – 

  •  Less optimum performance by the air conditioning system

The air conditioning system must have minimum maintenance of its filters to function effectively with time. These filters purify the air which is taken from outside the room to heat it and cool it. They need to be cleaned frequently (approximately once a year ).

  • Foul smell from the air conditioner when turned on

The most usual reasons for this condition are – 

  1. The interior coil of the air conditioning system has a condensation of water. This problem is not surprising if the air conditioning is only used in summer; its lack of use can generate humidity and mold. This can be solved by cleaning the battery.
  2. The foul smell can come from the air conditioning drain. This problem commonly arises due to the lack of siphon in the unit, which can be solved by proper installation of the system.

In both cases, it is recommended to contact Alternative Heating & Air for air conditioning repair in Chico, CA, as the battery is very difficult to clean. It is possible that the drain problem can be more complicated than it seems at first glance.

  • The air conditioner makes excessive noise

This problem can occur in the interior and the exterior unit, which can be due to a lack of gas or oil in the compressor. The most suitable solution in both cases is usually to purchase new air conditioning equipment.

  • The air conditioning doesn’t cool or heat well

This case is very common, and it can be due to a plethora of problems like lack of refrigerant or improper functioning of the compressor. In this case, due to the wide variety of alternatives, it is best to contact a professional from Alternative Heating & Air who will assist you best with the air conditioning repair in Chico, CA.

The most vital thing that can be done at the user level is proper cleaning of the equipment, especially in the filters. But, if you are looking for the best AC Contractor in Chico, CA, then you trust Alternative Heating & Air because we are the best in this field.

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