Winters are a welcome respite from the dry and hot summers in California. However, there’s one thing that can interfere with your enjoyment of the cold weather: a furnace that doesn’t operate in optimal condition. Furnace repairs take almost 1-2 hours and typically cost something between $50-$300. Therefore, frequent furnace services play an essential role in your family’s comfort and well-being. According to most HVAC experts, you should ensure that you schedule furnace service in Chico, CA, at least once a year.  Furthermore, furnace service has many benefits besides better and consistent heating. Let’s discuss all these benefits briefly.

Benefits of Scheduling Furnace Services

Following are the benefits of scheduling furnace service in Chico, CA – 

Better Efficiency

Regular maintenance ensures the excellent operational condition of the furnace that leads to increased efficiency. A better efficiency, in turn, will provide optimum comfort and avoid the need for frequent maintenance and tune-ups. Additionally, it will offer you considerable savings on your energy bill and also save you time.

Lesser Repairs

Hardly anyone would prefer freezing in the cold during the winters due to a faulty furnace. Moreover, if you have people in your family more sensitive to cold than others, like babies and elderly persons, furnace service at the approach of fall becomes even more crucial. That will protect your family and you from future health problems. If you schedule an annual furnace repair in Chico, CA, the HVAC service professional will repair the entire heating system. 

Validates Warranty

Most HVAC manufacturers provide a yearly service warranty on your heating system. However, if you don’t schedule a furnace service within a year of purchasing, your warranty becomes invalid. Therefore, you end up incurring costly repair and replacement charges. 

Ensures Safety

It takes a lot of fuel for furnaces to generate heat. However, excessive heat can cause cracks and leaks around the fuel area. This can be quite hazardous for your family’s safety. An HVAC service professional can check the gas burner, valve, and heat exchanger for any leaks or cracks through regular furnace maintenance.  

Improved Air Quality

Changing air filters during HVAC service is an essential step towards ensuring clean and healthy air. Unfortunately, dirty air filters lead to contaminated air. This makes the replacement of air filters a significant benefit for scheduling a timely furnace repair. 

Good Sleep

The rumbling noise emanating from your heating equipment might disrupt your sleep. Besides that, a noisy furnace is a sign that something is wrong with it that has to be sorted by a furnace service professional, thus incurring costly repair charges. Once you have had your furnace service, you have hardly any reason to worry and may sleep peacefully. Alternative Heating & Air provides superior furnace repair in Chico, CA, for all your HVAC needs. We provide heating and cooling services for both residential and commercial purposes. Call us today at (530)-894-8082 to schedule an appointment. You can also email us at for any queries.