We switch on the furnace system when the outdoor temperature drops. In the winter season, most residential properties in California depend on the furnace system as their primary source of heat and comfort.

However, the furnace system may work improperly due to excessive use. Luckily, there are common ways to resolve the issues and save the expense of calling the furnace repair in Chico, CA.

Common furnace problems that may create trouble.

  • Inadequate heat
    This happens when you feel that your furnace is blowing low-pressure air. You should call the maintenance service to maintain the furnace unit if this happens.
  • Strange noise
    You need technical assistance if you hear popping, hissing, screeching, and other strange noises from the furnace system. The hissing noise is often associated with gas leakage, and the screeching noise is due to a damaged mechanical part.
  • Yellow or orange pilot light
    The pilot light helps to start the combustion process, and the flame should be blue. However, there is an excess of carbon monoxide gas in the system if the pilot is light yellow or orange.
  • The furnace system is not working.
    It is essential to check all the power switches and thermostat settings if your furnace is not working. The furnace system is temporarily shut down due to safety functions. It can be due to a malfunctioning limit switch, or the circuit breaker fuse may have tripped down.
  • Blower working continuously
    There may be an issue in the airflow if the blower runs continuously. The blower fan constantly runs if the heating system cannot match the room temperature with the thermostat’s temperature.

Bottom line

If DIY solutions do not resolve the problem, you should call the heating service in Chico, CA, in the next instance. Alternative Heating and Air technicians will be at your doorstep to fix the comfort issues in your home. Call (530) 894-8082 and schedule a repair service today at cost-effective rates!