You wake up on a freezing winter morning and cast the covers aside. A fierce, bone-chilling draft sends shudders down your spine. At this point, you know that something’s wrong. The furnace system ceased to work in the middle of the night. Several attempts to re-light the pilot light are unsuccessful because it won’t stay on. Perhaps the pilot stays on for some time, and the furnace strives to fire but immediately shuts down. Are you wondering why this happens? You can read ahead for some of the most common reasons why your furnace’s pilot light won’t stay on. You may be able to fix the issue on your own if you have the devices and the money.

The pilot space is muddy.

If you can get the pilot light lit for just a moment, examine the flame. The pilot light should have a solid blue cone, not a weak yellow flame. A weaker flame won’t be able to surround the thermocouple appropriately. If you don’t want to start tampering with crucial parts of your unit, furnace repair experts at Alternative Heating and Air are just one call away to assist you.

Faulty or damaged gas valve

The gas valve provides your pilot light with gas. If it is set to ‘Off’ or is damaged somehow, a consistent supply of gas won’t be given to your pilot light, resulting in a flame that goes out.

Malfunction of the burner

The burner furnishes heat output for your furnace system. If the burners are not operating as they are expected to, they won’t produce heat properly. If you suspect this issue, check the burners to see if they look filthy. The burners might have been covered with carbon, which will prevent them from adequately working well. Gas lines can also become clogged, and then they will not send fuel to the burners.

Bad gas regulator

A nasty regulator in your natural gas meter outside your house will influence all of the gas equipment in your residence, including your dryer, furnace, stove, etc. The unit may not be getting sufficient gas to keep the pilot lit. If you notice pilot issues in many of your home equipment, this may be the culprit. Reach out to your HVAC professional immediately for a Heating repair in Chico, CA.

Thermocouple problems

If your furnace has a pilot light, it won’t work if the light continues to burn. The thermocouple is a part of this procedure. This component is a heat sensor that regulates the gas valve that runs to the pilot light. The thermocouple operates by closing the gas when the pilot light goes out. It senses heat from the pilot light flame, closing the valve if the light goes out to avoid a disaster. Are you searching for a Furnace repair in Chico, CA? You don’t need to look further than Alternative Heating and Air. To book our expert and affordable furnace service in Chico, CA, you can call us now at 530894-8082.