When the outside heat is higher than typical, your air conditioning unit might run slightly longer. Nevertheless, your cooling system should never be left on for long periods.

A cooling cycle should take 15 to 20 minutes, and 2 or 3 rounds should be completed in an hour. If your cooling unit is operating longer than usual, something is faulty with your team, and ac repair in Chico, CA, is required.


What is causing your air conditioner to continue even when switched off?

  • Thermostat issues

A thermostat loses efficiency and suffers deterioration with time, interfering with interaction with cooling devices. Dust and debris accumulate on sensing devices, making it hard for the thermostat to monitor the room temperature. In addition, damaged wiring and poor electrical connections can disrupt signals delivered between the thermostat and air conditioner, causing the cooling system to work longer than necessary.

  • Power Issues

Cooling systems contain numerous electrical components. When a relay switch is closed, the air conditioning system receives constant electricity and continues to operate. The contractor that delivers power to the compressor can be disabled, allowing the switch to remain closed and continuously feed energy to the outdoor unit. This can be resolved by offering air conditioning repair in Chico, CA, but most of the time, it needs to be replaced to ensure the system operates appropriately next time.

  • Control Valve Is Blocked

Correct fan settings are critical for controlling the use of the unit fan. Still, a faulty fan limit switch can prohibit the air conditioner from spinning the fan as directed by the thermostat controls. If the switch is closed, the fan gets constant power and continues to blow for hours during and between cooling cycles.


These are the troubleshooting steps

  • Examine your thermostat

To see if your thermostat is to cause the AC not to go off, adjust it to room temperature or a little higher. If it’s working correctly, the air conditioner should turn off after the temperature has been attained. Another issue must be addressed if the thermostat won’t switch off the air conditioner.

  • Wipe up the cols

In several circumstances, it will be unable to reach the temperature you specified, leading the AC to run continuously while attempting to cool the room.

Check your condenser coils for dust and dirt to see if this is the problem. If the filters haven’t been cleaned in a while, wipe them down to ensure they’re clean before retesting your AC.

  • Have You Conducted Regular Maintenance?

Routine maintenance is the best way to keep your air conditioner running. Clearing the unit, along with the air filter and condenser coils, as well as inspecting the device for any electrical faults, is part of maintenance. You could do this work yourself or hire someone to repair the air conditioning in Chico, CA for you.


Keeping everything tidy and spotting problems early prevents them from escalating. Early warning indications include your air conditioner running continuously or failing to switch off when a specific temperature is reached. You can keep a lot of cash and work in the future by investing a little time now.

Immediately contact Alternative Heating and air to save you and your Ac system timely.