Air Conditioning Installation Chico CA

Reliable Air Conditioning Installation Chico CA

The process of installing an air conditioner can be complicated, especially when the building in question is an apartment in a high-rise building. The job is also dangerous since the AC installer must also work on the outside wall of the apartment. Therefore, the job should only be handled by a professional. When in need of reliable air conditioning installation Chico CA, it is important you identify the most qualified installer, such as Alternative Heating & Air to install the air conditioner.

AC Installation Process

Whether you’re installing a new AC in a new construction or replacing an obsolete air conditioner in an existing building, the installer must first assess your home’s or office’s cooling needs. This is done by measuring the total square footage on your property. If you already know the total floor area of your home or office, this can be easy. The installer will match that space to a suitable air conditioning machine, in terms of BTU rating and help you pick the right brand of AC machine.

After choosing the preferred equipment, the experts at Alternative Heating & Air will give you a quote on the cost of the equipment, installation and maintenance. The good news is that you can get financing for both equipment purchase and installation. Alternative Heating & Air offers convenient maintenance contracts that will ensure that both your AC machine and wallet are in good health.

Why Choose Alternative Heating & Air?

Well, the company has experienced installers who are factory trained and professional in their work. These technicians are also certified by NATE, so they can handle any make or model of AC machine on the market. The company is also licensed to offer air conditioning installation Chico CA, so you can claim tax credits for having Energy-Star rated HVAC equipment installed by licensed professionals.

Air Conditioning Installation Paradise CA

Alternative Heating & Air: The Air Conditioning Installation Paradise CA Loves

Being without your air conditioning is not something that you normally think about often. The air around us is just there. We are accustomed to the comfort and we never realize how much we need our HVAC until its going batty. We have been there too and we know exactly how terrible it is to go without the air conditioning that your family needs. Here at Alternative Heating & Air, the air conditioning installation Paradise CA trusts, we never want you to wind up in a melted puddle in the living room floor. We want to help restore the comfort in your home so that you can get back to thinking about the important things in life… like anything other than your air conditioning.

Stress Less with Stress-Free Repairs

You already know that any time that you need a repair — it is usually when you are really unprepared. The house is probably a disaster as if it instinctively knew that you needed to have company over. You may have a mound of dirty dishes and 5 pizza boxes left over from last night on the counter. Your kids may be having one of those days where they are climbing the walls and sticking to the ceiling with energy. That’s ok. We get it. We are parents and grandparents too. We never want you to have to deal with worrying about how the house looks or how the kids are acting… just give us a call. We want you to relax as much as possible while we restore your home’s comfort.

Whenever you are on the search for the air conditioning installation Paradise CA trusts most, we hope that you will turn to us. We will do our very best to ensure your complete satisfaction with our work and always work hard to keep you as customers for life. We want to become your go-to repair crew because it is families like yours that gives us the opportunity to do what we love each and every day. Serving your family gives us purpose and we know that it is this simple act of keeping your home comfortable that makes a difference in your everyday life. That means a lot to us and we promise to never forget that you are the reason we can provide for our families.

Air Conditioning Installation Durham CA

The Air Conditioning Installation Durham CA Loves Most of All

When your HVAC freezes up, your day goes from great to terrible. It usually happens when you are planning something great — like having a family party in the den to cheer on the SEC or spending the whole day of PTO sleeping in inside the cool, comfy guest room. We totally understand how easy it is for something as simple as an HVAC issue to ruin your day. This is because you do not give much thought to your AC until it does not work… then — it is basically all that you can think about. The air inside your home is what creates the backdrop to all your special, relaxing or amazing moments. Here at Alternative Heating & Air, the air conditioning installation Durham CA trusts most, we completely get that high temps indoors can transform your day into something you really never wanted it to be… hot, sticky and miserable.

Restore Comfort Fast with Alternative Heating & Air

Some crews leave you waiting for results for days and sometimes weeks. Having to wait days for your home to be cool and protected again is just not an option. When air cannot circulate indoors, it can become even hotter than the outdoors. This can become dangerous in heat waves, especially for those who have health issues. We never want you to go unprotected. We could never rest at night if we thought that you had to wait for repairs. It is part of our job to think about wait times because not only is it our responsibility to keep you comfy but also safe. With us, you will get the repairs that you need in the time frame you need it in. We will do everything we can to ensure this promise to you.

When you are searching for the air conditioning installation Durham CA trusts most of all, turn to us and let us show you the difference that our crew can make. We promise to always remember that you are the reason we get to come to a job that we love every day. That means so much to us and we will always show our appreciation by continuing to be the reliable, affordable and quick service that keeps your home comfy, safe and ready for all of your favorite moments.

Air Conditioning Installation Magalia CA

Choosing the Right Air Conditioning Installation Company in Magalia CA

When it comes to Air Conditioning Installation Magalia CA residents have so many service providers to choose from. Hiring the right contractor is part of having a fully functional and efficient unit. Several factors should be kept in mind when choosing an installation contractor, such as the company’s experience and credentials.

Licensing and Experience

A proper AC installation is not just about picking any service that comes by. You want to hire a company with all the essential licenses and necessary certifications. One of the most important factors to consider is the company’s experience. You need to find out whether the company has competent technicians, and whether they are actually familiar with different makes and models of units in the market.


Technology is changing fast, and so is the air conditioning industry. You need to confirm that your contractor of choice has technicians who are up to date with the most recent developments in the industry. It’s also crucial that the person who will be installing your AC is well versed with the particular type of unit you have chosen to install.

Ask Questions

When it comes to Air Conditioning installation Magalia CA residents, find it hard to choose a reputable contractor. But there’s no harm in knowing a thing or two about AC installations. Find out about the different brands of ACs in the market and ask as many questions as you deem necessary to help you make an informed choice. You also want to ask relevant questions about the service. With so many adverts out there, it’s often difficult to make a choice, but a background check on the company’s reputation will guide you in the right direction. Check online and go through the company’s website to know what other clients have to say about the contractor you’re considering.

Alternative Heating & Air is a premier HVAC contractor with a team of experts ready to provider AC installation, tune-ups and repairs. The company specializes in indoor air quality and offers advice on choosing the right unit for your home or office.

Houston Air Conditioning Service Tune-Ups And Maintenance

Air conditioning tune-ups are crucial maintenance practices that can help your equipment work at near factory standards. However, this will also depend on the overall condition and age of your air conditioning unit. If your air conditioner runs efficiently, you won’t need it to run for long. This helps to save a lot in reduced energy bills at the end of the month. Additionally, your unit will not work harder to deliver the kind of cooling that you need in your rooms if you perform air conditioning tune up.

Maintenance and servicing can translate into even greater savings for a homeowner. Often, NATE certified air conditioning technicians work to unearth even the smallest problems that can are often neglected but have a huge effect on the overall energy costs. Small but important issues can be fixed easily without having to spend more during the tune-ups.

When assumed or ignored, minor problems can escalate into complex problems that can be costly to fix. Good examples of such problems may include fixing refrigerant leaks early. Undetected leaks will drain the refrigerant, which can result in burning up the compressor. Replacing a compressor can cost up to $1,000 or more. You will also pay more for your monthly bills because the unit will run inefficiently before the compressor fails completely, which results in even more losses.

Be at peace in your home by ensuring that a specialist tunes up your heating and air conditioning equipment before the next season of extreme temperatures. Here are some of the central air conditioning tune-up services that you might expect from a technician:

  • Checking both primary and secondary drain lines
  • Checking the operating pressures to ensure the right refrigerant charge
  • Adjusting the components of the blower
  • Checking and correcting air conditioning cycle
  • Monitoring the amount of voltage and amps on all the motors
  • Tightening all loose connections
  • Adjusting and cleaning the thermostat

Are you still wondering whether to perform a tune-up? Air conditioning tune up will reduce annual energy bills and result in huge savings of up to $100 per every system in your home.

Improving Indoor Air Quality

During the cold winter months, the average person spend too much time indoors. In fact, the only time they spend outdoors is when going to and from work, or school. That is why every homeowner, business manager or school administrator should pay a lot of attention to the indoor air quality in their indoor spaces. According to research, the quality of air outdoors is better than indoor air. This mean you have a greater chance of developing respiratory problems, such as asthma, sinusitis and allergies when you stay indoors than when you spend most of your time outdoors.

Improving IAQ

To improve indoor air quality, there are a number of things that must be done to the air. First and foremost, the air must be heated, when environmental temperatures are low, and cooled when temperatures are high. This will ensure a comfortable indoor environment. If the HVAC system has not been cleaned for long, it may be the main source of air contaminants. Therefore, air filters and air ducts must be cleaned at least twice a year to get rid of dust, pollen and other airborne impurities.

After heating and air conditioning, the next most important step in the IAQ improvement process is humidity control. Ideally, there should be a humidifier and a dehumidifier inside the building to add or remove excess moisture, depending on the level of humidity in the building.

Filter replacement can also help to improve the quality of air indoors. You may want to consider replacing your filter with a HEPA filter. This type of filter can remove even the tiniest particles, such as mold spores and airborne microorganisms. The new filter can be very helpful in improving the quality of air in your home or business premise.

Installation of sensors, such as CO sensors and humidity sensors, is also important. After all, you would like to be warned when the quality of air in your home is not suitable for human habitation. Ideally, you should hire a licensed and certified HVAC company, such as Alternative Heating & Air to help you improve the IAQ in your home or business premise.